Przemyslaw Krata
Przemyslaw Krata
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Marine traffic risk modelling–an innovative approach and a case study
J Montewka, P Krata, F Goerlandt, A Mazaheri, P Kujala
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Weather hazard avoidance in modeling safety of motor-driven ship for multicriteria weather routing
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Linear characteristics of the sloshing phenomenon for the purpose of on-board ship’s stability assessment
P Krata
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Assessment of a critical area for a give-way ship in a collision encounter
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P Krata
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Multiobjective approach to weather routing
J Szłapczyńska
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Modeling of Accidental Bunker Oil Spills as a Result of Ship’s Bunker Tanks Rupture–a Case Study
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Ship weather routing optimization with dynamic constraints based on reliable synchronous roll prediction
P Krata, J Szlapczynska
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Towards the development of a risk model for unmanned vessels design and operations
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J Montewka
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Prediction of Ship Resonant Rolling-Related Dangerous Zones with Regard to the Equivalent Metacentric Height Governing Natural Frequency of Roll, TransNav
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Numerical Simulation
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A model for risk analysis of oil tankers
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The comparative study of numerical simulation and experimental research into the areas of maximum dynamic pressure due to sloshing In chips double bottom tank
P Krata
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Towards the assessment of critical area in a collision encounter accounting for stability conditions of a ship
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Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Transport, 169--178, 2016
Ship’s ballast tanks size and dimensions review for the purpose of model research into the liquid sloshing phenomenon
P Krata, W Więckiewicz, J Jachowski
Zeszyty Naukowe/Akademia Morska w Szczecinie, 88-94, 2012
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