Charles Perreault
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The pace of cultural evolution
C Perreault
PLoS One 7 (9), e45150, 2012
A Bayesian approach to the evolution of social learning
C Perreault, C Moya, R Boyd
Evolution and Human Behavior 33 (5), 449-459, 2012
Denisovan DNA in late pleistocene sediments from Baishiya Karst Cave on the Tibetan Plateau
D Zhang, H Xia, F Chen, B Li, V Slon, T Cheng, R Yang, Z Jacobs, Q Dai, ...
Science 370 (6516), 584-587, 2020
Divide and conquer: intermediate levels of population fragmentation maximize cultural accumulation
M Derex, C Perreault, R Boyd
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …, 2018
The quality of the archaeological record
C Perreault
University of Chicago Press, 2020
Dating the origin of language using phonemic diversity
C Perreault, S Mathew
PloS one 7 (4), e35289, 2012
Behavioural variation in 172 small-scale societies indicates that social learning is the main mode of human adaptation
CP Sarah Mathew
Proceedings of the Royal Society B, DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2015.0061, 2015
Measuring the complexity of lithic technology
C Perreault, PJ Brantingham, SL Kuhn, S Wurz, X Gao
Current anthropology 54 (S8), S397-S406, 2013
Late Occupation of the High‐Elevation Northern Tibetan Plateau Based on Cosmogenic, Luminescence, and Radiocarbon Ages
PJ Brantingham, G Xing, DB Madsen, D Rhode, C Perreault, ...
Geoarchaeology 28 (5), 413-431, 2013
Mobility-driven cultural transmission along the forager–collector continuum
C Perreault, PJ Brantingham
Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 30 (1), 62-68, 2011
Mind the gaps: testing for hiatuses in regional radiocarbon date sequences
D Rhode, PJ Brantingham, C Perreault, DB Madsen
Journal of Archaeological Science 52, 567-577, 2014
Early foraging settlement of the Tibetan Plateau highlands
DB Madsen, C Perreault, D Rhode, Y Sun, M Yi, K Brunson, ...
Archaeological Research in Asia 11, 15-26, 2017
Detecting the effects of selection and stochastic forces in archaeological assemblages
PJ Brantingham, C Perreault
Journal of Archaeological Science 37 (12), 3211-3225, 2010
Time-averaging slows down rates of change in the archaeological record
C Perreault
Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 25, 953-964, 2018
A note on reconstructing animal social networks from independent small-group observations
C Perreault
Animal Behaviour 80 (3), 551-562, 2010
Characterization of obsidian from the Tibetan Plateau by XRF and NAA
C Perreault, MT Boulanger, AM Hudson, D Rhode, DB Madsen, JW Olsen, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 5, 392-399, 2016
Editorial—Cultural Evolution In Spatially Structured Populations: A Review Of Alternative Modeling Frameworks
A Kandler, C Perreault, J Steele
Advances in Complex Systems (ACS) 15 (01), 1203001-1-1203001-18, 2012
The impact of site sample size on the reconstruction of culture histories
C Perreault
American Antiquity 76 (3), 547-572, 2011
Cultural history, not ecological environment, is the main determinant of human behaviour
S Mathew, C Perreault
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1826), 20160177, 2016
How surprising are lithic reduction strategies? The information entropy of the modes AI framework
J Paige, C Perreault
Lithic Technology 48 (3), 237-252, 2023
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