Thomas Pany
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Navigation signal processing for GNSS software receivers
T Pany
Artech House, 2010
Use of a vector delay lock loop receiver for GNSS signal power analysis in bad signal conditions
T Pany, B Eissfeller
2006 IEEE/ION Position, Location, And Navigation Symposium, 893-903, 2006
Deep integration of navigation solution and signal processing
T Pany, R Kaniuth, B Eissfeller
Proceedings of the 18th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite …, 2001
Performance of Galileo L1 signal candidates
GW Hein, M Irsigler, JA Rodriguez, T Pany
CDROM Proc. of European Navigation Conference GNSS, 2004
Envisioning a future GNSS system of systems, part 1
GW Hein, JA Rodriguez, S Wallner, B Eissfeller, T Pany, P Hartl
Inside GNSS 2 (1), 58-67, 2007
Interference computations between GPS and Galileo
S Wallner, GW Hein, T Pany, JA Avila-Rodriguez, A Posfay
Proc. ION GNSS 2005, 861-876, 2005
Known vulnerabilities of global navigation satellite systems, status, and potential mitigation techniques
RT Ioannides, T Pany, G Gibbons
Proceedings of the IEEE 104 (6), 1174-1194, 2016
A two-stage fuzzy logic approach for wireless LAN indoor positioning
A Teuber, B Eissfeller, T Pany
Proc. IEEE/ION Position Location Navigat. Symp 4, 730-738, 2006
Exploiting multicore technology in software-defined GNSS receivers
TE Humphreys, J Bhatti, T Pany, B Ledvina, B O’Hanlon
Proceedings of ION GNSS Conference, 326-338, 2009
GNSS software defined radio
JH Won, T Pany, GW HeiN
Inside GNSS 1 (5), 48-56, 2006
Fixed point action for the massless lattice Schwinger model
CB Lang, TK Pany
Nuclear Physics B 513 (3), 645-657, 1998
Characteristics of Kalman filters for GNSS signal tracking loop
JH Won, T Pany, B Eissfeller
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 48 (4), 3671-3681, 2012
Real-time kinematic in the light of GPS modernization and Galileo
B Eissfeller
Proceeding of the 14^< th> International Technical Meeting of the Satellite …, 2001
Coherent integration time: The longer, the better
T Pany, B Riedl, J Winkel, T Wörz, R Schweikert, H Niedermeier, ...
Inside GNSS 4 (6), 52-61, 2009
S-curve shaping: A new method for optimum discriminator based code multipath mitigation
T Pany, M Irsigler, B Eissfeller
Proc ION-GNSS, 2005
0.99999999 confidence ambiguity resolution with GPS and Galileo
C Tiberius, T Pany, B Eissfeller, P Joosten, S Verhagen
GPS solutions 6 (1-2), 96-99, 2002
Code and Carrier Phase Tracking Performance of a Future Galileo RTK Receiver
T Pany, M Irsigler, B Eissfeller, J Winkel
Proc. of ENC-GNSS, 2002
Combined Galileo/GPS frequency and signal performance analysis
JAA Rodriguez, M Irsigler, GW Hein, T Pany
Proc. ION GNSS 2004, 632-649, 2004
Performance assessment of an under sampling SWC receiver for simulated high-bandwidth GPS/Galileo signals and real signals
T Pany
Proceeding of 16^< th> International Technical Meeting of the Satellite …, 2003
Architecture and signal design of the european satellite navigation system galileo-status dec. 2002
GW Hein, T Pany
Positioning 1 (02), 2009
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