Toyohiro Tsurumaru
Toyohiro Tsurumaru
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Information Technology R&D Center
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Field test of quantum key distribution in the Tokyo QKD Network
M Sasaki, M Fujiwara, H Ishizuka, W Klaus, K Wakui, M Takeoka, S Miki, ...
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Concise and tight security analysis of the Bennett–Brassard 1984 protocol with finite key lengths
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M Hayashi, T Tsurumaru
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T Tsurumaru
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Exact minimum and maximum of yield with a finite number of decoy light intensities
T Tsurumaru, A Soujaeff, S Takeuchi
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Quantum cryptography communication system
T Tsurumaru
US Patent 8,155,318, 2012
Leftover hashing from quantum error correction: unifying the two approaches to the security proof of quantum key distribution
T Tsurumaru
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Tokyo QKD network and the evolution to secure photonic network
M Sasaki, M Fujiwra, H Ishizuka, W Klaus, K Wakui, M Takeoka, A Tanaka, ...
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On topological terms in the O (3) nonlinear sigma model
T Tsurumaru, I Tsutsui
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Field demonstration of quantum key distribution in the Tokyo QKD Network
M Fujiwara, H Ishizuka, S Miki, T Yamashita, Z Wang, A Tanaka, ...
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Instantons, monopoles and the flux quantization in the Faddeev–Niemi decomposition
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Squash operator and symmetry
T Tsurumaru
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Localized and extended states in one-dimensional disordered system: random-mass Dirac fermions
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Efficient privacy amplification algorithms for quantum key distribution
T Asai, T Tsurumaru
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Implementable quantum-bit-string commitment protocol
T Tsurumaru
Physical Review A 71 (1), 012313, 2005
Equivalence of three classical algorithms with quantum side information: Privacy amplification, error correction, and data compression
T Tsurumaru
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 68 (2), 1016-1031, 2021
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