Alessandro Luigi Sellerio
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Direct observation of percolation in the yielding transition of colloidal glasses
A Ghosh, Z Budrikis, V Chikkadi, AL Sellerio, S Zapperi, P Schall
Physical Review Letters 118 (14), 148001, 2017
Overshoot during phenotypic switching of cancer cell populations
AL Sellerio, E Ciusani, NB Ben-Moshe, S Coco, A Piccinini, CR Myers, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-14, 2015
Universal features in the genome-level evolution of protein domains
MC Lagomarsino, AL Sellerio, PD Heijning, B Bassetti
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Glass transition associated with the jamming of vibrated granular matter
AL Sellerio, D Mari, G Gremaud, G D’Anna
Physical Review E 83 (2), 021301, 2011
Deformation and failure of curved colloidal crystal shells
C Negri, AL Sellerio, S Zapperi, MC Miguel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (47), 14545-14550, 2015
Identity and divergence of protein domain architectures after the yeast whole-genome duplication event
L Grassi, D Fusco, A Sellerio, D Cora, B Bassetti, M Caselle, ...
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Damage accumulation in silica glass nanofibers
S Bonfanti, EE Ferrero, AL Sellerio, R Guerra, S Zapperi
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Wrinkle motifs in thin films
Z Budrikis, AL Sellerio, Z Bertalan, S Zapperi
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Fracture size effects in nanoscale materials: the case of graphene
AL Sellerio, A Taloni, S Zapperi
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A comparative evolutionary study of transcription networks. The global role of feedback and hierachical structures
AL Sellerio, B Bassetti, H Isambert, MC Lagomarsino
Molecular BioSystems 5 (2), 170-179, 2009
High-precision MRI reconstruction algorithm for 3D sphere packings
R Balzan, AL Sellerio, D Mari, A Comment
Applied Magnetic Resonance 46, 633-642, 2015
Fractional Brownian motion and anomalous diffusion in vibrated granular materials
AL Sellerio, D Mari, G Gremaud
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2012 (01), P01002, 2012
A link between short-range and long-range properties of random sphere packings
R Balzan, AL Sellerio, D Mari, A Comment, G Gremaud
Granular Matter 15, 873-879, 2013
Friction and Hertzian contact in granular glass
G D’Anna, AL Sellerio, D Mari, G Gremaud
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2013 (05), P05009, 2013
Atomic-Scale Front Propagation at the Onset of Frictional Sliding
S Bonfanti, A Taloni, C Negri, AL Sellerio, N Manini, S Zapperi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8 (21), 5438-5443, 2017
Fluidized States of Vibrated Granular Media Studied by Mechanical Spectroscopy
AL Sellerio, D Mari, G Gremaud
Solid State Phenomena 184, 422-427, 2012
Current quantization and fractal hierarchy in a driven repulsive lattice gas
P Rotondo, AL Sellerio, P Glorioso, S Caracciolo, MC Lagomarsino, ...
Physical Review E 96 (5), 052141, 2017
Towards the Glass Transition in Vibrated Granular Matter
AL Sellerio
EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), 2012
Theory of rate dependent fracture size effects
A Taloni, A Sellerio, S Zapperi
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2016, Y37. 005, 2016
A new MRI reconstruction technique based on real space Hough transform for granular samples
R Balzan, AL Sellerio, D Mari, A Comment, G Gremaud
Proceedings of the EUROMAR, 2012
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