Thomas S. Teets
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Solar energy supply and storage for the legacy and nonlegacy worlds
TR Cook, DK Dogutan, SY Reece, Y Surendranath, TS Teets, DG Nocera
Chemical reviews 110 (11), 6474-6502, 2010
Photocatalytic hydrogen production
TS Teets, DG Nocera
Chemical communications 47 (33), 9268-9274, 2011
Oxygen reduction reactivity of cobalt (II) hangman porphyrins
R McGuire Jr, DK Dogutan, TS Teets, J Suntivich, Y Shao-Horn, ...
Chemical Science 1 (3), 411-414, 2010
Hangman corroles: efficient synthesis and oxygen reaction chemistry
DK Dogutan, SA Stoian, R McGuire Jr, M Schwalbe, TS Teets, DG Nocera
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (1), 131-140, 2011
Highly efficient red-emitting bis-cyclometalated iridium complexes
PN Lai, CH Brysacz, MK Alam, NA Ayoub, TG Gray, J Bao, TS Teets
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (32), 10198-10207, 2018
Halogen photoreductive elimination from gold (III) centers
TS Teets, DG Nocera
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (21), 7411-7420, 2009
Main group Lewis acid-mediated transformations of transition-metal hydride complexes
A Maity, TS Teets
Chemical reviews 116 (15), 8873-8911, 2016
Copper-catalyzed Huisgen [3+ 2] cycloaddition of gold (I) alkynyls with benzyl azide. Syntheses, structures, and optical properties
DV Partyka, L Gao, TS Teets, JB Updegraff III, N Deligonul, TG Gray
Organometallics 28 (21), 6171-6182, 2009
Homoleptic, Four-Coordinate Azadipyrromethene Complexes of d10 Zinc and Mercury
TS Teets, DV Partyka, JB Updegraff Iii, TG Gray
Inorganic chemistry 47 (7), 2338-2346, 2008
Mono-and di-gold (I) naphthalenes and pyrenes: syntheses, crystal structures, and photophysics
L Gao, MA Peay, DV Partyka, JB Updegraff III, TS Teets, AJ Esswein, ...
Organometallics 28 (19), 5669-5681, 2009
Luminescent, three-coordinate azadipyrromethene complexes of d10 copper, silver, and gold
TS Teets, DV Partyka, AJ Esswein, JB Updegraff, M Zeller, AD Hunter, ...
Inorganic chemistry 46 (16), 6218-6220, 2007
Photophysical Properties and Redox Potentials of Photosensitizers for Organic Photoredox Transformations
Y Wu, D Kim, TS Teets
Synlett 33 (12), 1154-1179, 2022
Manipulating the excited states of cyclometalated iridium complexes with β-ketoiminate and β-diketiminate ligands
YK Radwan, A Maity, TS Teets
Inorganic Chemistry 54 (14), 7122-7131, 2015
Photoredox catalysis on unactivated substrates with strongly reducing iridium photosensitizers
JH Shon, D Kim, MD Rathnayake, S Sittel, J Weaver, TS Teets
Chemical Science 12 (11), 4069-4078, 2021
Highly luminescent cyclometalated iridium complexes generated by nucleophilic addition to coordinated isocyanides
H Na, TS Teets
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (20), 6353-6360, 2018
Photocatalysis with transition metal based photosensitizers
JH Shon, TS Teets
Comments on Inorganic Chemistry 40 (2), 53-85, 2020
Molecular Photosensitizers in Energy Research and Catalysis: Design Principles and Recent Developments
JH Shon, TS Teets
ACS Energy Letters 4 (2), 558-566, 2019
Mixed-carbene cyclometalated iridium complexes with saturated blue luminescence
H Na, Z Wen, I Judy, C Wu, TS Teets
Chemical Science 10 (25), 6254-6260, 2019
Synthesis and characterization of strong cyclometalated iridium photoreductants for application in photocatalytic aryl bromide hydrodebromination
JH Shon, S Sittel, TS Teets
ACS Catalysis 9 (9), 8646-8658, 2019
Xanthene-modified and hangman iron corroles
M Schwalbe, DK Dogutan, SA Stoian, TS Teets, DG Nocera
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (4), 1368-1377, 2011
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