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Cytowane przez
Fully memristive neural networks for pattern classification with unsupervised learning
Z Wang, S Joshi, S Savel’ev, W Song, R Midya, Y Li, M Rao, P Yan, ...
Nature Electronics 1 (2), 137-145, 2018
A review of three‐dimensional resistive switching cross‐bar array memories from the integration and materials property points of view
JY Seok, SJ Song, JH Yoon, KJ Yoon, TH Park, DE Kwon, H Lim, GH Kim, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (34), 5316-5339, 2014
An artificial nociceptor based on a diffusive memristor
JH Yoon, Z Wang, KM Kim, H Wu, V Ravichandran, Q Xia, CS Hwang, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-9, 2018
A detailed understanding of the electronic bipolar resistance switching behavior in Pt/TiO2/Pt structure
KM Kim, BJ Choi, MH Lee, GH Kim, SJ Song, JY Seok, JH Yoon, S Han, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (25), 254010, 2011
Highly Uniform, Electroforming‐Free, and Self‐Rectifying Resistive Memory in the Pt/Ta2O5/HfO2‐x/TiN Structure
JH Yoon, SJ Song, IH Yoo, JY Seok, KJ Yoon, DE Kwon, TH Park, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (32), 5086-5095, 2014
Highly improved uniformity in the resistive switching parameters of TiO2 thin films by inserting Ru nanodots
JH Yoon, JH Han, JS Jung, W Jeon, GH Kim, SJ Song, JY Seok, KJ Yoon, ...
Advanced materials 25 (14), 1987-1992, 2013
Capacitive neural network with neuro-transistors
Z Wang, M Rao, JW Han, J Zhang, P Lin, Y Li, C Li, W Song, S Asapu, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-10, 2018
Electrically configurable electroforming and bipolar resistive switching in Pt/TiO2/Pt structures
KM Kim, GH Kim, SJ Song, JY Seok, MH Lee, JH Yoon, CS Hwang
Nanotechnology 21 (30), 305203, 2010
32× 32 crossbar array resistive memory composed of a stacked Schottky diode and unipolar resistive memory
GH Kim, JH Lee, Y Ahn, W Jeon, SJ Song, JY Seok, JH Yoon, KJ Yoon, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (11), 1440-1449, 2013
Pt/Ta2O5/HfO2−x/Ti Resistive Switching Memory Competing with Multilevel NAND Flash
JH Yoon, KM Kim, SJ Song, JY Seok, KJ Yoon, DE Kwon, TH Park, ...
Advanced Materials 27 (25), 3811-3816, 2015
Study on the electrical conduction mechanism of bipolar resistive switching thin films using impedance spectroscopy
MH Lee, KM Kim, GH Kim, JY Seok, SJ Song, JH Yoon, CS Hwang
Applied Physics Letters 96 (15), 152909, 2010
Memristive tri-stable resistive switching at ruptured conducting filaments of a Pt/TiO2/Pt cell
KJ Yoon, MH Lee, GH Kim, SJ Song, JY Seok, S Han, JH Yoon, KM Kim, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (18), 185202, 2012
Nociceptive memristor
Y Kim, YJ Kwon, DE Kwon, KJ Yoon, JH Yoon, S Yoo, HJ Kim, TH Park, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (8), 1704320, 2018
Real-time identification of the evolution of conducting nano-filaments in TiO2 thin film ReRAM
SJ Song, JY Seok, JH Yoon, KM Kim, GH Kim, MH Lee, CS Hwang
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-6, 2013
Improved endurance of resistive switching TiO2 thin film by hourglass shaped Magnéli filaments
G Hwan Kim, J Ho Lee, J Yeong Seok, S Ji Song, J Ho Yoon, ...
Applied physics letters 98 (26), 262901, 2011
Collective motion of conducting filaments in Pt/n‐type TiO2/p‐type NiO/Pt stacked resistance switching memory
KM Kim, SJ Song, GH Kim, JY Seok, MH Lee, JH Yoon, J Park, CS Hwang
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (9), 1587-1592, 2011
Stabilization of Tetragonal HfO2 under Low Active Oxygen Source Environment in Atomic Layer Deposition
DY Cho, HS Jung, IH Yu, JH Yoon, HK Kim, SY Lee, SH Jeon, S Han, ...
Chemistry of Materials 24 (18), 3534-3543, 2012
Truly Electroforming‐Free and Low‐Energy Memristors with Preconditioned Conductive Tunneling Paths
JH Yoon, J Zhang, X Ren, Z Wang, H Wu, Z Li, M Barnell, Q Wu, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (35), 1702010, 2017
Role of Ru nano-dots embedded in thin films for improving the resistive switching behavior
JH Yoon, KM Kim, MH Lee, SK Kim, GH Kim, SJ Song, JY Seok, ...
Applied Physics Letters 97 (23), 232904, 2010
A Low‐Current and Analog Memristor with Ru as Mobile Species
JH Yoon, J Zhang, P Lin, N Upadhyay, P Yan, Y Liu, Q Xia, JJ Yang
Advanced Materials 32 (9), 1904599, 2020
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