Jhonathan Romero Fontalvo
Jhonathan Romero Fontalvo
Team lead of professional services at Zapata Computing
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The theory of variational hybrid quantum-classical algorithms
JR McClean, J Romero, R Babbush, A Aspuru-Guzik
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Scalable quantum simulation of molecular energies
PJJ O’Malley, R Babbush, ID Kivlichan, J Romero, JR McClean, ...
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Y Cao, J Romero, JP Olson, M Degroote, PD Johnson, M Kieferová, ...
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Strategies for quantum computing molecular energies using the unitary coupled cluster ansatz
J Romero, R Babbush, JR McClean, C Hempel, PJ Love, A Aspuru-Guzik
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Quantum autoencoders for efficient compression of quantum data
J Romero, JP Olson, A Aspuru-Guzik
Quantum Science and Technology, 2017
OpenFermion: the electronic structure package for quantum computers
JR McClean, NC Rubin, KJ Sung, ID Kivlichan, X Bonet-Monroig, Y Cao, ...
Quantum Science and Technology 5 (3), 034014, 2020
Potential of quantum computing for drug discovery
Y Cao, J Romero, A Aspuru-Guzik
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Variational quantum generators: Generative adversarial quantum machine learning for continuous distributions
J Romero, A Aspuru-Guzik
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Low-depth circuit ansatz for preparing correlated fermionic states on a quantum computer
PL Dallaire-Demers, J Romero, L Veis, S Sim, A Aspuru-Guzik
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S Pan, D Moreno, JL Cabellos, J Romero, A Reyes, G Merino, ...
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LOWDIN: The any particle molecular orbital code
R Flores‐Moreno, E Posada, F Moncada, J Romero, J Charry, ...
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C5Li7+ and O2Li5+ as Noble‐Gas‐Trapping Agents
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Chemistry–A European Journal 19 (7), 2322-2329, 2013
Identifying challenges towards practical quantum advantage through resource estimation: the measurement roadblock in the variational quantum eigensolver
JF Gonthier, MD Radin, C Buda, EJ Doskocil, CM Abuan, J Romero
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qTorch: The quantum tensor contraction handler
ES Fried, NPD Sawaya, Y Cao, ID Kivlichan, J Romero, A Aspuru-Guzik
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Microsolvation of Mg2+, Ca2+: strong influence of formal charges in hydrogen bond networks
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Calculation of positron binding energies of amino acids with the any-particle molecular-orbital approach
J Charry, J Romero, MTN Varella, A Reyes
Physical Review A 89 (5), 052709, 2014
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