Laura DeNardo
Laura DeNardo
Assistant Professor of Physiology, UCLA
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Temporal evolution of cortical ensembles promoting remote memory retrieval
LA DeNardo, CD Liu, WE Allen, EL Adams, D Friedmann, L Fu, ...
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Thirst-associated preoptic neurons encode an aversive motivational drive
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Genetic strategies to access activated neurons
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The sorting receptor SorCS1 regulates trafficking of neurexin and AMPA receptors
JN Savas, LF Ribeiro, KD Wierda, R Wright, LA DeNardo-Wilke, HC Rice, ...
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The temporal association cortex plays a key role in auditory-driven maternal plasticity
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Oxytocin normalizes altered circuit connectivity for social rescue of the Cntnap2 knockout mouse
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BehaviorDEPOT is a simple, flexible tool for automated behavioral detection based on markerless pose tracking
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Targeted recombination in active populations as a new mouse genetic model to study sleep‐active neuronal populations: Demonstration that Lhx6+ neurons in the ventral zona …
H Lee, R Yamazaki, D Wang, S Arthaud, P Fort, LA DeNardo, PH Luppi
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Brain-wide projections and differential encoding of prefrontal neuronal classes underlying learned and innate threat avoidance
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119 (43), e2210122119, 2022
Synapse-specific roles for microglia in development: New horizons in the prefrontal cortex
SV Blagburn-Blanco, MS Chappell, LM De Biase, LA DeNardo
Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 15, 965756, 2022
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