Michał F. Rode
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Effect of chemical substituents on the energetical landscape of a molecular photoswitch: An ab initio study
MF Rode, AL Sobolewski
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (44), 11879-11889, 2010
Ab initio study of the O2 binding in dicopper complexes
MF Rode, HJ Werner
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 114, 309-317, 2005
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B Chmura, MF Rode, AL Sobolewski, L Lapinski, MJ Nowak
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M Rode, J Sadlej, R Moszynski, PES Wormer, A van der Avoird
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C Benesch, MF Rode, M Cizek, O Rubio-Pons, M Thoss, AL Sobolewski
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Suppression of Angular Forces in Collisions of Non--State Transition Metal Atoms
RV Krems, J Kłos, MF Rode, MM Szczȩśniak, G Chałasiński, A Dalgarno
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L Lapinski, MJ Nowak, J Nowacki, MF Rode, AL Sobolewski
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J Jankowska, MF Rode, J Sadlej, AL Sobolewski
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MF Rode, AL Sobolewski, C Dedonder, C Jouvet, O Dopfer
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Photophysics of inter-and intra-molecularly hydrogen-bonded systems: Computational studies on the pyrrole–pyridine complex and 2 (2′-pyridyl) pyrrole
MF Rode, AL Sobolewski
Chemical Physics 347 (1-3), 413-421, 2008
7-Hydroxyquinoline-8-carbaldehydes. 1. Ground-and excited-state long-range prototropic tautomerization
V Vetokhina, J Nowacki, M Pietrzak, MF Rode, AL Sobolewski, J Waluk, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (38), 9127-9146, 2013
Ultrafast dynamics of the ESIPT photoswitch N-(3-pyridinyl)-2-pyridinecarboxamide
H Böhnke, J Bahrenburg, X Ma, K Röttger, C Näther, MF Rode, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (4), 2646-2655, 2018
Excited state intramolecular proton transfer in hydroxyanthraquinones: Toward predicting fading of organic red colorants in art
JA Berenbeim, S Boldissar, S Owens, MR Haggmark, G Gate, FM Siouri, ...
Science advances 5 (9), eaaw5227, 2019
Photophysical properties of betaxanthins: miraxanthin V–insight into the excited-state deactivation mechanism from experiment and computations
S Niziński, M Wendel, MF Rode, D Prukała, M Sikorski, S Wybraniec, ...
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Photochromic reaction in 3 H-naphthopyrans studied by vibrational spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations
S Brazevic, S Nizinski, R Szabla, MF Rode, G Burdzinski
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (22), 11861-11870, 2019
Effect of chemical substitutions on photo-switching properties of 3-hydroxy-picolinic acid studied by ab initio methods
MF Rode, AL Sobolewski
The Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (8), 2014
Electronic Spectra and Reversible Photoisomerization of Protonated Naphthalenes in Solid Neon
I Garkusha, A Nagy, J Fulara, MF Rode, AL Sobolewski, JP Maier
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (2), 351-360, 2013
Control of the Photo-Isomerization Mechanism in 3H-Naphthopyrans to Prevent Formation of Unwanted Long-Lived Photoproducts
S Brazevic, S Nizinski, M Sliwa, J Abe, MF Rode, G Burdzinski
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (21), 7825, 2020
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