David Thoen
David Thoen
Inne imiona/nazwiskaDavid Johannes Thoen, D.J. Thoen
SRON Netherlands Institute for space research
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Experimentally simulating the dynamics of quantum light and matter at deep-strong coupling
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S Hähnle, N Marrewijk, A Endo, K Karatsu, DJ Thoen, V Murugesan, ...
Applied Physics Letters 116 (18), 2020
Superconducting high-aspect ratio through-silicon vias with DC-sputtered Al for quantum 3D integration
JA Alfaro-Barrantes, M Mastrangeli, DJ Thoen, S Visser, J Bueno, ...
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Journal of Low Temperature Physics 199, 231-239, 2020
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