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Martin Butterfield
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Cytowane przez
Photoemission and the Electronic Structure of P u C o G a 5
JJ Joyce, JM Wills, T Durakiewicz, MT Butterfield, E Guziewicz, JL Sarrao, ...
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Understanding the edge structure of actinide metals: Electron energy-loss spectroscopy and atomic spectral calculations of Th, U, Np, Pu, Am, and Cm
MT Butterfield, KT Moore, G Van Der Laan, MA Wall, RG Haire
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D Brown, MD Crapper, KH Bedwell, MT Butterfield, SJ Guilfoyle, ...
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Direct Observation of Itinerant Magnetism in the 5 f-Electron System UTe
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T Durakiewicz, PS Riseborough, CG Olson, JJ Joyce, PM Oppeneer, ...
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Philosophical Magazine 89 (22-24), 1893-1911, 2009
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MT Butterfield, RA Bartynski, SL Hulbert
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Structure of ultrathin films of Co on Cu (111) from normal-incidence x-ray standing wave and medium-energy ion scattering measurements
MT Butterfield, MD Crapper, TCQ Noakes, P Bailey, GJ Jackson, ...
Physical Review B 62 (24), 16984, 2000
Using Nano-focussed Bremstrahlung Isochromat Spectroscopy (nBIS) to Determine the Unoccupied Electronic Structure of Pu
M Butterfield, J Tobin, N Teslich, A Bliss, M Wall, A McMahan, B Chung, ...
MRS Online Proceedings Library (OPL) 893, 0893-JJ03-06, 2005
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