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Cytowane przez
Non-commutative quantum mechanics and the Aharonov-Casher effect
B Mirza, M Zarei
The European Physical Journal C-Particles and Fields 32, 583-586, 2004
Anisotropic inflation from charged scalar fields
R Emami, H Firouzjahi, SMS Movahed, M Zarei
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2011 (02), 005, 2011
Generation of circular polarization of the CMB
M Zarei, E Bavarsad, M Haghighat, R Mohammadi, I Motie, Z Rezaei
Physical Review D 81 (8), 084035, 2010
CMB and reheating constraints to -attractor inflationary models
M Eshaghi, M Zarei, N Riazi, A Kiasatpour
Physical Review D 93 (12), 123517, 2016
Aharonov–Casher effect for spin-1 particles in a non-commutative space
B Mirza, R Narimani, M Zarei
The European Physical Journal C-Particles and Fields 48, 641-645, 2006
Anisotropic inflation with the nonvacuum initial state
R Emami, H Firouzjahi, M Zarei
Physical Review D 90 (2), 023504, 2014
Photon-graviton scattering: A new way to detect anisotropic gravitational waves?
N Bartolo, A Hoseinpour, G Orlando, S Matarrese, M Zarei
Physical Review D 98 (2), 023518, 2018
Minimal uncertainty in momentum: the effects of IR gravity on quantum mechanics
M Zarei, B Mirza
physical Review D 79 (12), 125007, 2009
CMB circular and -mode polarization from new interactions
N Bartolo, A Hoseinpour, S Matarrese, G Orlando, M Zarei
Physical Review D 100 (4), 043516, 2019
On the running of the spectral index to all orders: a new model-dependent approach to constrain inflationary models
M Zarei
Classical and Quantum Gravity 33 (11), 115008, 2016
Fragmentation functions of the pion, kaon, and proton in the NLO approximation: Laplace transform approach
M Zarei, F Taghavi-Shahri, SA Tehrani, M Sarbishei
Physical Review D 92 (7), 074046, 2015
Vector disformal transformation of cosmological perturbations
V Papadopoulos, M Zarei, H Firouzjahi, S Mukohyama
Physical Review D 97 (6), 063521, 2018
Short distance physics and initial state effects on the CMB power spectrum
M Zarei
Physical Review D 78 (12), 123502, 2008
CMB modes from photon-photon forward scattering revisited
A Hoseinpour, M Zarei, G Orlando, N Bartolo, S Matarrese
Physical Review D 102 (6), 063501, 2020
Slow-roll trajectories in chromo-natural and gauge-flation models: an exhaustive analysis
A Maleknejad, M Zarei
Physical Review D 88 (4), 043509, 2013
Survey study of effective factors on maternal mortality in Kurdestan province from 1998 to 2002
S Golyan Tehrani, K Holakoei, M Zarei
Hayat 10 (2), 47-54, 2004
Dipole modulation in tensor modes: signatures in CMB polarization
M Zarei
The European Physical Journal C 75, 1-10, 2015
Probing virtual axion-like particles by precision phase measurements
M Zarei, S Shakeri, M Sharifian, M Abdi, DJE Marsh, S Matarrese
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2022 (06), 012, 2022
Non-Markovian open quantum system approach to the early Universe: Damping of gravitational waves by matter
M Zarei, N Bartolo, D Bertacca, S Matarrese, A Ricciardone
Physical Review D 104 (8), 083508, 2021
Cancellation of soft and collinear divergences in noncommutative QED
B Mirza, M Zarei
Physical Review D 74 (6), 065019, 2006
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