Matti Järvisalo
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Inprocessing Rules
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The International SAT Solver Competitions
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Complexity-Sensitive Decision Procedures for Abstract Argumentation
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SAT competition 2016: Recent developments
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Discovering Cyclic Causal Models with Latent Variables: A General SAT-Based Procedure
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Clause elimination procedures for CNF formulas
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LMHS: a SAT-IP hybrid MaxSAT solver
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SAT competition 2020
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Maximum satisfiabiliy
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Weak models of distributed computing, with connections to modal logic
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Bayesian network structure learning with integer programming: Polytopes, facets and complexity
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Acceptance in incomplete argumentation frameworks
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Limitations of restricted branching in clause learning
M Järvisalo, T Junttila
Constraints 14, 325-356, 2009
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