Gaoxue Wang
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G Wang, R Pandey, K Shashi P.
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G Wang, WJ Slough, R Pandey, SP Karna
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G Wang, R Pandey, SP Karna
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Carbon phosphide monolayers with superior carrier mobility
G Wang, R Pandey, SP Karna
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SPK Gaoxue Wang, Ravindra Pandey
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G Wang, R Pandey, SP Karna
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G Wang, M Si, A Kumar, R Pandey
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E Enriquez, G Wang, Y Sharma, I Sarpkaya, Q Wang, N Chen, Di, Winner, ...
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G Wang, P Yang, NA Moody, ER Batista
npj 2D Materials and Applications 2, 2018
Robust band gaps in the graphene/oxide heterostructure: SnO/graphene/SnO
Q Guo, G Wang, R Pandey, SP Karna
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CK Chung, X Guo, G Wang, TL Wilson, JT White, AT Nelson, A Shelyug, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 523, 101-110, 2019
Growth, structure, morphology, and magnetic properties of Ni ferrite films
C Dong, G Wang, D Guo, C Jiang, D Xue
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Excess Electrons on Reduced AnO2 (111) Surfaces (An = Th, U, Pu) and Their Impacts on Catalytic Water Splitting
G Wang, ER Batista, P Yang
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C Zhou, F Wang, W Wei, G Wang, C Jiang, D Xue
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Novel 2D Silica Monolayers with Tetrahedral and Octahedral Configurations
G Wang, GC Loh, R Pandey, SP Karna
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119, 15654–15660, 2015
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