Anne C. Elster
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Medical image segmentation on GPUs–A comprehensive review
E Smistad, TL Falch, M Bozorgi, AC Elster, F Lindseth
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Comparing algorithms for automated vessel segmentation in computed tomography scans of the lung: the VESSEL12 study
RD Rudyanto, S Kerkstra, EM Van Rikxoort, C Fetita, PY Brillet, C Lefevre, ...
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MPI-a message-passing interface standard
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Linear optimization on modern GPUs
DG Spampinato, AC Elster
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Machine learning‐based auto‐tuning for enhanced performance portability of OpenCL applications
TL Falch, AC Elster
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GPU accelerated segmentation and centerline extraction of tubular structures from medical images
E Smistad, AC Elster, F Lindseth
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Summary of the First Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences (WSSSPE1)
DS Katz, SCT Choi, H Lapp, K Maheshwari, F Löffler, M Turk, MD Hanwell, ...
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Fast gpu-based fluid simulations using sph
ØE Krog, AC Elster
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A power-measurement methodology for large-scale, high-performance computing
TRW Scogland, CP Steffen, T Wilde, F Parent, S Coghlan, N Bates, ...
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Fast bit-reversal algorithms
AC Elster
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Parallel methods for real-time visualization of snow
I Saltvik, AC Elster, HR Nagel
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Nvidia Hopper GPU and Grace CPU Highlights
AC Elster, TA Haughdahl
IEEE CiSE 24 (DOI 10.1109/MCSE.2022.3163817), 95-100, 2022
CLOUDLIGHTNING: A Framework for a Self-Organising and SelfManaging Heterogeneous Cloud
T Lynn, H Xiong, D Dong, B Momani, G Gravvanis, CF Papadopoulos, ...
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A CORDIC Processor Array for the SVD of a Complex Matrix
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Real-time gradient vector flow on GPUs using OpenCL
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Population Dynamics P Systems on CUDA
M Martínez-del-Amor, I Pérez-Hurtado, A Gastalver-Rubio, AC Elster, ...
Computational Methods in Systems Biology, 247-266, 2012
Real-Time Ray Tracing Using Nvidia OptiX.
H Ludvigsen, AC Elster
Eurographics (Short Papers), 65-68, 2010
PARA 2008
B Allan, O Anshus, DA Bader, A Bencini, X Cai, R Ciegis, JC Cunha, ...
Euripides: Helen, 0
Basic matrix subprograms for distributed memory systems
A Elster
Proceedings of the Fifth Distributed Memory Computing Conference, 311, 1990
Register caching for stencil computations on GPUs
TL Falch, AC Elster
2014 16th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for …, 2014
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