He Wen
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Cytowane przez
Hanning Self-Convolution Windows and Its Application to Harmonic Analysis [J]
H Wen, Z Teng, B Qing
Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society 24 (2), 164-169, 2009
Harmonic Estimation Using Symmetrical Interpolation FFT Based On Triangular Self-Convolution Window
H Wen, Z Junhao, Z Meng, S Guo, F Li, Y Yang
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H Wen, Z Teng, S Guo
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Hanning self-convolution window and its application to harmonic analysis
H Wen, Z Teng, S Guo, J Wang, B Yang, Y Wang, T Chen
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B Qing, Z Teng, Y Gao, H WEN
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Spectral Correction Approach based on Desirable Sidelobe Window for Harmonic Analysis of Industrial Power System
H Wen, Z Teng, Y Wang, XG Hu
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Frequency Estimation of Distorted and Noisy Signals in Power Systems by FFT-Based Approach
H Wen, S Guo, Z Teng, F Li, Y Yang
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Time-division-multiplexed few-mode passive optical network
C Xia, N Chand, AM Velázquez-Benítez, Z Yang, X Liu, JE Antonio-Lopez, ...
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Unconditional security by the laws of classical physics
R Mingesz, LB Kish, Z Gingl, CG Granqvist, H Wen, F Peper, T Eubanks, ...
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H Wen, Z Teng, X Hu, Y Wang, B Zeng
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An approach for harmonic analysis based on Rife-Vincent window interpolation FFT
B Zeng, Z Teng, H Wen, B QING
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Power system frequency estimation of sine-wave corrupted with noise by windowed three-point interpolated DFT
H Wen, C Li, W Yao
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 9 (5), 5163-5172, 2017
Demonstration of world's first few-mode GPON
C Xia, N Chand, AM Velázquez-Benítez, X Liu, JEA Lopez, H Wen, B Zhu, ...
2014 The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), 1-3, 2014
Improved Cole parameter extraction based on the least absolute deviation method
Y Yang, W Ni, Q Sun, H Wen, Z Teng
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Non-adaptive methods of fetal ECG signal processing
R Kahankova, R Jaros, R Martinek, J Jezewski, H Wen, M Jezewski, ...
Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 15 (3), 476-490, 2017
Urinary metabolite profiling combined with computational analysis predicts interstitial cystitis-associated candidate biomarkers
H Wen, T Lee, S You, SH Park, H Song, KS Eilber, JT Anger, MR Freeman, ...
Journal of proteome research 14 (1), 541-548, 2015
First demonstration of six-mode PON achieving a record gain of 4 dB in upstream transmission loss budget
H Wen, C Xia, AM Velázquez-Benítez, N Chand, JE Antonio-Lopez, ...
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Alternative assembly of respiratory complex II connects energy stress to metabolic checkpoints
A Bezawork-Geleta, H Wen, LF Dong, B Yan, J Vider, S Boukalova, ...
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Fast S-Transform for Time-Varying Voltage Flicker Analysis
W Yao, Q Tang, Z Teng, Y Gao, H Wen
Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on 63 (1), 72-79, 2014
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