Jean-Christophe Mindeguia
Jean-Christophe Mindeguia
Université Bordeaux - laboratoire I2M
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Cytowane przez
Temperature, pore pressure and mass variation of concrete subjected to high temperature—experimental and numerical discussion on spalling risk
JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta, A Noumowé, M Kanema
Cement and concrete research 40 (3), 477-487, 2010
Contribution expérimentale à la compréhension des risques d'instabilité thermique des bétons
JC Mindeguia
Parametrical study of transient thermal strain of ordinary and high performance concrete
JC Mindeguia, I Hager, P Pimienta, H Carré, C La Borderie
Cement and Concrete Research 48, 40-52, 2013
Experimental analysis of concrete spalling due to fire exposure
JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta, H Carré, CL Borderie
European journal of environmental and civil engineering 17 (6), 453-466, 2013
Experimental discussion on the mechanisms behind the fire spalling of concrete
JC Mindeguia, H Carré, P Pimienta, C La Borderie
Fire and Materials 39 (7), 619-635, 2015
On the influence of aggregate nature on concrete behaviour at high temperature
JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta, H Carré, C La Borderie
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 16 (2), 236-253, 2012
Effect of compressive loading on the risk of spalling
H Carré, P Pimienta, C La Borderie, F Pereira, JC Mindeguia
MATEC Web of Conferences 6, 01007, 2013
Experimental study of transient thermal strain and creep of an ordinary concrete at high temperatures
JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta, I Hager, C La Borderie, H Carré
Proc. 4th Int. Workshop Structures in Fire (SIF’2006), 697-708, 2006
Experimental study on the contribution of pore vapour pressure to the thermal instability risk of concrete
JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta, H Carré, C La Borderie
1st International Workshop on Concrete Spalling due to Fire Exposure, 2009
Simulation of an experimental fire in an underground limestone quarry for the study of Paleolithic fires
D Lacanette, JC Mindeguia, A Brodard, C Ferrier, P Guibert, JC Leblanc, ...
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 120, 1-18, 2017
Influence of water content on gas pore pressure in concretes at high temperature
JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta, I Hager, H Carré
2nd International RILEM Workshop on Concrete spalling due to fire exposure …, 2011
Behaviour of UHPFRC at high temperatures
P Pimienta, JC Mindeguia, A Simon, M Behloul
Designing and Building with UHPFRC: State of the Art and Development, 2011
Experimental and numerical study of an UHPFRC at very high temperature
Literature review on the behaviour of UHPFRC at high temperature
P Pimienta, JC Mindeguia, A Simon, M Behloul, R Felicetti, P Bamonte, ...
Hipermat 2012-3rd International Symposium on UHPC and Nanotechnology for …, 2012
Fire protection of concrete structures exposed to fast fires
P Pimienta, O Anton, JC Mindeguia, R Avenel, H Cuypers, E Cesmat
4th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS), 17th-18th …, 2010
Terahertz measurement of the water content distribution in wood materials
M Bensalem, A Sommier, JC Mindeguia, JC Batsale, C Pradere
Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 39 (2), 195-209, 2018
Fire behaviour of high performance concrete–An experimental investigation on spalling risk
P Pimienta, D Pardon, JC Mindeguia
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Structures in Fire (SIF …, 2010
A new experimental device for assessing the radial strains of concrete at high temperatures
JC Mindeguia, H Carré, P Pimienta, C La Borderie
Revue européenne de génie civil 11 (9-10), 1187-1198, 2007
Physical Properties and Behaviour of High-Performance Concrete at High Temperature
P Pimienta, RJ McNamee, JC Mindeguia
State-of-the-Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee, 2019
Mass, Temperature and pressure measurements during the dry out of refractory castables
P Meunier, JC Mindeguia, P Pimienta
51st International Colloquium on Refreactories, 95-98, 2008
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