Anurag Mudgal
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Effect of toxic metals on human health
V Mudgal, N Madaan, A Mudgal, RB Singh, S Mishra
The open Nutraceuticals journal 3 (1), 2010
Biochemical mechanisms of salt tolerance in plants: a review.
V Mudgal, N Madaan, A Mudgal
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Heavy metals in plants: phytoremediation: plants used to remediate heavy metal pollution.
M Varsha, M Nidhi, M Anurag
Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America 1 (1), 40-46, 2010
Experimental investigations of atmospheric water extraction device under different climatic conditions
J Patel, K Patel, A Mudgal, H Panchal, KK Sadasivuni
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 38, 100677, 2020
Energy and exergy investigation of small capacity single effect lithium bromide absorption refrigeration system
B Modi, A Mudgal, B Patel
Energy Procedia 109, 203-210, 2017
Study of Jatropha curcas shell bio-oil-diesel blend in VCR CI engine using RSM
H Patel, V Rajai, P Das, S Charola, A Mudgal, S Maiti
Renewable energy 122, 310-322, 2018
An efficient optimization and comparative analysis of cascade refrigeration system using NH3/CO2 and C3H8/CO2 refrigerant pairs
V Patel, D Panchal, A Prajapati, A Mudgal, P Davies
International Journal of refrigeration 102, 62-76, 2019
Design, modelling and optimisation of a batch reverse osmosis (RO) desalination system using a free piston for brackish water treatment
K Park, L Burlace, N Dhakal, A Mudgal, NA Stewart, PA Davies
Desalination 494, 114625, 2020
Assessment of liquid desiccant dehumidification aided vapor-compression refrigeration system based on thermo-economic approach
K Mansuriya, VK Patel, BD Raja, A Mudgal
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Changes in growth and metabolic profile of Chickpea under salt stress
V Mudgal, N Madaan, A Mudgal, S Mishra, A Singh, PK Singh
Journal of Applied Biosciences 23, 1436-1446, 2009
Many-objective thermodynamic optimization of Stirling heat engine
V Patel, V Savsani, A Mudgal
Energy 125, 629-642, 2017
Thermodynamic evaluation of generator temperature in LiBr-water absorption system for optimal performance
B Pandya, J Patel, A Mudgal
Energy Procedia 109, 270-278, 2017
Green synthesized nanoadditives in jojoba biodiesel-diesel blends: an improvement of engine performance and emission
S Agarwal, S Kumari, A Mudgal, S Khan
Renewable energy 147, 1836-1844, 2020
A small scale Multi-effect Distillation (MED) unit for rural micro enterprises: Part I—design and fabrication
PK Sen, PV Sen, A Mudgal, SN Singh, SK Vyas, P Davies
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Exergy based analysis of LiCl-H2O absorption cooling system
J Patel, B Pandya, A Mudgal
Energy Procedia 109, 261-269, 2017
Modification of activated carbon-based adsorbent for removal of industrial dyes and heavy metals: A review
M Raninga, A Mudgal, VK Patel, J Patel, MK Sinha
Materials Today: Proceedings 77, 286-294, 2023
Design and optimization of electrodialysis process parameters for brackish water treatment
D Ankoliya, A Mudgal, MK Sinha, P Davies, E Licon, RR Alegre, V Patel, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 319, 128686, 2021
A small scale multi-effect distillation (MED) unit for rural micro enterprises: Part II—Parametric studies and performance analysis
PK Sen, PV Sen, A Mudgal, SN Singh
Desalination 279 (1-3), 27-37, 2011
A small scale multi-effect distillation (MED) unit for rural micro enterprises: Part-III Heat transfer aspects
PK Sen, PV Sen, A Mudgal, SN Singh
Desalination 279 (1-3), 38-46, 2011
Water desalination and wastewater reuse using integrated reverse osmosis and forward osmosis system
D Patel, A Mudgal, V Patel, J Patel
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1146 (1), 012029, 2021
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