Nabeel Ali Khan
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Cytowane przez
Time–frequency features for pattern recognition using high-resolution TFDs: A tutorial review
B Boashash, NA Khan, T Ben-Jabeur
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NA Khan, B Boashash
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NA Khan, B Boashash
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NA Khan, M Sandsten
Signal Processing 127, 80-85, 2016
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NA Khan, S Ali
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NA Khan, M Mohammadi, S Ali
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R Anvari, AR Kahoo, M Mohammadi, NA Khan, Y Chen
Ieee Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2019
Locally optimized adaptive directional time–frequency distributions
M Mohammadi, AA Pouyan, NA Khan, V Abolghasemi
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NA Khan, S Ali
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M Mohammadi, AA Pouyan, NA Khan
Signal, Image and Video Processing 10, 1369-1376, 2016
Sparsity-Aware Adaptive Directional Time–Frequency Distribution for Source Localization
NA Khan, S Ali
Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing 37 (3), 1223–1242, 2018
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NA Khan, P Jönsson, M Sandsten
Applied Sciences 7 (3), 221, 2017
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NA Khan, S Ali, M Mohammadi, J Akram
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NA Khan, MN Jafri, SA Qazi
2011 7th International Conference on Emerging Technologies, 1-3, 2011
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NA Khan, S Ali
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R Anvari, M Mohammadi, AR Kahoo, NA Khan, AI Abdullah
Computers & Geosciences 135, 104376, 2020
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