Aneta Luczkiewicz
Aneta Luczkiewicz
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Cytowane przez
Antimicrobial resistance of fecal indicators in municipal wastewater treatment plant
A Łuczkiewicz, K Jankowska, S Fudala-Książek, K Olańczuk-Neyman
Water research 44 (17), 5089-5097, 2010
Antibiotic resistance and prevalence of class 1 and 2 integrons in Escherichia coli isolated from two wastewater treatment plants, and their receiving waters (Gulf of …
E Kotlarska, A Łuczkiewicz, M Pisowacka, A Burzyński
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22, 2018-2030, 2015
Electrochemical oxidation of PFOA and PFOS in landfill leachates at low and highly boron-doped diamond electrodes
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Antimicrobial resistance of Pseudomonas spp. isolated from wastewater and wastewater-impacted marine coastal zone
A Luczkiewicz, E Kotlarska, W Artichowicz, K Tarasewicz, ...
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Biomass in biogas production: Pretreatment and codigestion
A Kasinath, S Fudala-Ksiazek, M Szopinska, H Bylinski, W Artichowicz, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 150, 111509, 2021
Drug-resistant and hospital-associated Enterococcus faecium from wastewater, riverine estuary and anthropogenically impacted marine catchment basin
E Sadowy, A Luczkiewicz
BMC microbiology 14 (1), 1-15, 2014
Implementation of advanced micropollutants removal technologies in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)-Examples and challenges based on selected EU countries
K Kosek, A Luczkiewicz, S Fudala-Książek, K Jankowska, M Szopińska, ...
Environmental science & policy 112, 213-226, 2020
Nitrogen removal via the nitrite pathway during wastewater co-treatment with ammonia-rich landfill leachates in a sequencing batch reactor
S Fudala-Ksiazek, A Luczkiewicz, K Fitobór, K Olanczuk-Neyman
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A modern solid waste management strategy–the generation of new by-products
S Fudala-Ksiazek, M Pierpaoli, E Kulbat, A Luczkiewicz
Waste Management 49, 516-529, 2016
Efficiency of landfill leachate treatment in a MBR/UF system combined with NF, with a special focus on phthalates and bisphenol A removal
S Fudala-Ksiazek, M Pierpaoli, A Luczkiewicz
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A global multinational survey of cefotaxime-resistant coliforms in urban wastewater treatment plants
RBM Marano, T Fernandes, CM Manaia, O Nunes, D Morrison, ...
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Antimicrobial resistance of fecal indicators in disinfected wastewater
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Soil and Groundwater Contamination as a Result of Sewage Sludge Land Application.
A Łuczkiewicz
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Landfill leachates and wastewater of maritime origin as possible sources of endocrine disruptors in municipal wastewater
BK Wilk, S Fudala-Ksiazek, M Szopińska, A Luczkiewicz
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Diversity of fecal coliforms and their antimicrobial resistance patterns in wastewater treatment model plant
A Łuczkiewicz, S Fudala-Książek, K Jankowska, B Quant, ...
Water Science and Technology 61 (6), 1383-1392, 2010
Carbon nanoarchitectures as high-performance electrodes for the electrochemical oxidation of landfill leachate
M Pierpaoli, P Jakobczyk, M Sawczak, A Łuczkiewicz, S Fudala-Książek, ...
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Resistance of Escherichia coli and Enterococcus spp. to selected antimicrobial agents present in municipal wastewater
A Luczkiewicz, E Felis, A Ziembinska, A Gnida, E Kotlarska, ...
Journal of water and health 11 (4), 600-612, 2013
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