Sherif M. Sherif
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Role of melatonin in alleviating cold stress in Arabidopsis thaliana
VS Bajwa, MR Shukla, SM Sherif, SJ Murch, PK Saxena
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Application of exogenous dsRNAs-induced RNAi in agriculture: challenges and triumphs
PR Das, SM Sherif
Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 542801, 2020
Molecular characterization of seven genes encoding ethylene-responsive transcriptional factors during plum fruit development and ripening
I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, I Mila, M Bouzayen, S Jayasankar
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Hormonal orchestration of bud dormancy cycle in deciduous woody perennials
J Liu, SM Sherif
Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 481616, 2019
Simultaneous induction of jasmonic acid and disease-responsive genes signifies tolerance of American elm to Dutch elm disease
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Physiology of pruning fruit trees
RP Marini, SM Sherif, AH Smith
Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020
Identification and characterization of serotonin as an anti-browning compound of apple and pear
VS Bajwa, MR Shukla, SM Sherif, SJ Murch, PK Saxena
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TIR1-like auxin-receptors are involved in the regulation of plum fruit development
I El-Sharkawy, SM Sherif, B Jones, I Mila, PP Kumar, M Bouzayen, ...
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Molecular characterization of peach PR genes and their induction kinetics in response to bacterial infection and signaling molecules
S Sherif, G Paliyath, S Jayasankar
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Overexpression of plum auxin receptor PslTIR1 in tomato alters plant growth, fruit development and fruit shelf-life characteristics.
JS El-Sharkawy I, Sherif S, El Kayal W, Jones B, Li Z, Sullivan AJ
BMC Plant Biol. 16 (1), 56, 2016
Characterization of gibberellin-signalling elements during plum fruit ontogeny defines the essentiality of gibberellin in fruit development
I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, W El Kayal, A Mahboob, K Abubaker, ...
Plant molecular biology 84, 399-413, 2014
Cloning and characterization of PR5 gene from Curcuma amada and Zingiber officinale in response to Ralstonia solanacearum infection
D Prasath, I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, KS Tiwary, S Jayasankar
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I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif, T Qubbaj, AJ Sullivan, S Jayasankar
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RNAi-based biofungicides as a promising next-generation strategy for controlling devastating gray mold diseases
MT Islam, SM Sherif
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (6), 2072, 2020
Minicell‐based fungal RNAi delivery for sustainable crop protection
MT Islam, Z Davis, L Chen, J Englaender, S Zomorodi, J Frank, K Bartlett, ...
Microbial Biotechnology 14 (4), 1847-1856, 2021
Pruning peach trees
RP Marini, SM Sherif
Virginia Cooperative Extension, 2020
Combating spring frost with ethylene
J Liu, SM Sherif
Frontiers in plant science 10, 496436, 2019
Untargeted metabolomics and antioxidant capacities of muscadine grape genotypes during berry development
AG Darwish, PR Das, A Ismail, P Gajjar, SP Balasubramani, MB Sheikh, ...
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Salt stress signals on demand: Cellular events in the right context
A Ismail, I El-Sharkawy, S Sherif
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Differential expression of peach ERF transcriptional activators in response to signaling molecules and inoculation with Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni
S Sherif, I El-Sharkawy, G Paliyath, S Jayasankar
Journal of plant physiology 169 (7), 731-739, 2012
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