Dan Lewis
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Cytowane przez
Image driven machine learning methods for microstructure recognition
A Chowdhury, E Kautz, B Yener, D Lewis
Computational Materials Science 123, 176-187, 2016
Determination of the eutectic structure in the Ag-Cu-Sn system
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Grain growth and loss of texture during annealing of alloys, and the translation of Earth’s inner core
MI Bergman, DJ Lewis, IH Myint, L Slivka, S Karato, A Abreu
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Barrier coatings for interconnects; related devices, and methods of forming
A Kebbede, GK Ofori-Okai, FJ Klug, MJ Alinger, DJ Lewis
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A Baskaran, G Kane, K Biggs, R Hull, D Lewis
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M Casteel, D Lewis, P Willson, M Alinger
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Nanocrystalline–amorphous transitions in Al–Mo thin films: Bulk and surface evolution
C Ophus, EJ Luber, M Edelen, Z Lee, LM Fischer, S Evoy, D Lewis, ...
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E Kautz, W Ma, S Jana, A Devaraj, V Joshi, B Yener, D Lewis
Materials Characterization, 110379, 2020
Alloy for fuel cell interconnect
D Lewis, M Jackson, C Hardwicke, A Tohmpson, S Ramasesha, S Hari, ...
US Patent App. 11/249,852, 2007
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R Hull, P Keblinski, D Lewis, A Maniatty, V Meunier, AA Oberai, CR Picu, ...
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W Gathright, M Jensen, D Lewis
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W Gathright, M Jensen, D Lewis
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Mean width and caliper characteristics of network polyhedra
ME Glicksman, PR Rios, DJ Lewis
Philosophical Magazine 89 (4), 389-403, 2009
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