Ivica Vilibic
Ivica Vilibic
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Meteotsunamis: atmospherically induced destructive ocean waves in the tsunami frequency band
S Monserrat, I Vilibic, AB Rabinovich
Natural Hazards and Earth System Science 6 (6), 1035-1051, 2006
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H Mihanović, I Vilibić, S Carniel, M Tudor, A Russo, A Bergamasco, ...
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I Vilibić, N Supić
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I Vilibić, M Orlić
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N Rako, CM Fortuna, D Holcer, P Mackelworth, M Nimak-Wood, G Pleslić, ...
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I Vilibić, J Šepić
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I Vilibić, N Domijan, M Orlić, N Leder, M Pasarić
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I Vilibić, S Monserrat, A Rabinovich, H Mihanović
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Wintertime buoyancy forcing, changing seawater properties, and two different circulation systems produced in the Adriatic
M Orlić, V Dadić, B Grbec, N Leder, A Marki, F Matić, H Mihanović, ...
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Numerical simulations of the Proudman resonance
I Vilibić
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Source of the 2007 Ist meteotsunami (Adriatic Sea)
J Šepić, I Vilibić, D Belušić
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An analysis of dense water production on the North Adriatic shelf
I Vilibić
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Long-term changes in hydrographic conditions in northern Adriatic and its relationship to hydrological and atmospheric processes
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Changes in the Adriatic oceanographic properties induced by the Eastern Mediterranean Transient
I Vilibić, S Matijević, J Šepić, G Kušpilić
Biogeosciences 9 (6), 2085-2097, 2012
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