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Current trends in the enhancement of antioxidant activity of wheat bread by the addition of plant materials rich in phenolic compounds
D Dziki, R Różyło, U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca
Trends in Food Science & Technology 40 (1), 48-61, 2014
The effect of different solvents and number of extraction steps on the polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity of basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum L.) extracts
U Złotek, S Mikulska, M Nagajek, M Świeca
Saudi journal of biological sciences 23 (5), 628-633, 2016
Antioxidant and anticancer activities of Chenopodium quinoa leaves extracts–in vitro study
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, M Sułkowski, D Dziki, B Baraniak, J Czyż
Food and chemical toxicology 57, 154-160, 2013
Bread enriched with quinoa leaves–The influence of protein–phenolics interactions on the nutritional and antioxidant quality
M Świeca, Ł Sęczyk, U Gawlik-Dziki, D Dziki
Food chemistry 162, 54-62, 2014
The influence of protein–flavonoid interactions on protein digestibility in vitro and the antioxidant quality of breads enriched with onion skin
M Świeca, U Gawlik-Dziki, D Dziki, B Baraniak, J Czyż
Food Chemistry 141 (1), 451-458, 2013
Quality and antioxidant properties of breads enriched with dry onion (Allium cepa L.) skin
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, D Dziki, B Baraniak, J Tomiło, J Czyż
Food Chemistry 138 (2-3), 1621-1628, 2013
Characterization of polyphenol oxidase from butter lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. capitata L.)
U Gawlik-Dziki, U Złotek, M Świeca
Food Chemistry 107 (1), 129-135, 2008
Effect of carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) flour on the antioxidant potential, nutritional quality, and sensory characteristics of fortified durum wheat pasta
Ł Sęczyk, M Świeca, U Gawlik-Dziki
Food Chemistry 194, 637-642, 2016
Protein–phenolic interactions as a factor affecting the physicochemical properties of white bean proteins
Ł Sęczyk, M Świeca, I Kapusta, U Gawlik-Dziki
Molecules 24 (3), 408, 2019
Effect of abiotic elicitation on main health-promoting compounds, antioxidant activity and commercial quality of butter lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
U Złotek, M Świeca, A Jakubczyk
Food chemistry 148, 253-260, 2014
Enhancement of yield, nutritional and nutraceutical properties of two common bean cultivars following the application of seaweed extract (Ecklonia maxima)
A Kocira, M Świeca, S Kocira, U Złotek, A Jakubczyk
Saudi journal of biological sciences 25 (3), 563-571, 2018
Effect of ascorbic acid postharvest treatment on enzymatic browning, phenolics and antioxidant capacity of stored mung bean sprouts
M Sikora, M Świeca
Food Chemistry 239, 1160-1166, 2018
Biologically active peptides obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of Adzuki bean seeds
A Durak, B Baraniak, A Jakubczyk, M Świeca
Food chemistry 141 (3), 2177-2183, 2013
Impact of germination time and type of illumination on the antioxidant compounds and antioxidant capacity of Lens culinaris sprouts
M Świeca, U Gawlik-Dziki, D Kowalczyk, U Złotek
Scientia Horticulturae 140, 87-95, 2012
In vitro digestibility and starch content, predicted glycemic index and potential in vitro antidiabetic effect of lentil sprouts obtained by different germination techniques
M Świeca, B Baraniak, U Gawlik-Dziki
Food chemistry 138 (2-3), 1414-1420, 2013
Antioxidant, nutritional and functional characteristics of wheat bread enriched with ground flaxseed hulls
Ł Sęczyk, M Świeca, D Dziki, A Anders, U Gawlik-Dziki
Food chemistry 214, 32-38, 2017
The phenolic content and antioxidant activity of the aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts of hops and their pellets
D Kowalczyk, M Świeca, J Cichocka, U Gawlik‐Dziki
Journal of the Institute of Brewing 119 (3), 103-110, 2013
Comparison of phenolic acids profile and antioxidant potential of six varieties of spelt (Triticum spelta L.)
U Gawlik-Dziki, M Świeca, D Dziki
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 60 (18), 4603-4612, 2012
Wheat bread enriched with green coffee – In vitro bioaccessibility and bioavailability of phenolics and antioxidant activity
M Świeca, U Gawlik-Dziki, D Dziki, B Baraniak
Food chemistry 221, 1451-1457, 2017
Characterization of active compounds of different garlic (Allium sativum L.) cultivars
KA Szychowski, K Rybczynska-Tkaczyk, K Gawel-Beben, M Swieca, ...
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 68 (1), 2018
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