Thomas C. Sykes
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Numerical and experimental analysis of the sedimentation of spherical colloidal suspensions under centrifugal force
E Antonopoulou, CF Rohmann-Shaw, TC Sykes, OJ Cayre, TN Hunter, ...
Physics of Fluids 30 (3), 030702, 2018
Surface jets and internal mixing during the coalescence of impacting and sessile droplets
TC Sykes, AA Castrejón-Pita, JR Castrejón-Pita, D Harbottle, Z Khatir, ...
Physical Review Fluids 5 (2), 023602, 2020
Substrate Wettability Influences Internal Jet Formation and Mixing during Droplet Coalescence
TC Sykes, D Harbottle, Z Khatir, HM Thompson, MCT Wilson
Langmuir 36 (32), 9596-9607, 2020
Inertial stretching separation in binary droplet collisions
KH Al-Dirawi, KHA Al-Ghaithi, TC Sykes, JR Castrejón-Pita, AE Bayly
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 927, A9, 2021
Droplet splashing on curved substrates
TC Sykes, BD Fudge, MA Quetzeri-Santiago, JR Castrejón-Pita, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 615, 227-235, 2022
Electrophoretic molecular communication with time-varying electric fields
S Cho, TC Sykes, JP Coon, AA Castrejón-Pita
Nano Communication Networks 31, 100381, 2022
Droplet impact dynamics on shallow pools
TC Sykes, R Cimpeanu, BD Fudge, JR Castrejón-Pita, AA Castrejón-Pita
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 970, A34, 2023
On-demand pitch tuning of printed chiral nematic liquid crystal droplets
W Kamal, ACJ Orr, TC Sykes, AA Castrejón-Pita, SJ Elston, SM Morris
Materials Today Advances 19, 100416, 2023
Intersymbol interference for electrophoretic molecular communication in circular duct channels
S Cho, JP Coon, TC Sykes, AA Castrejon-Pita
IEEE Communications Letters, 2022
Internal dynamics of coalescing droplets
TC Sykes
University of Leeds, 2020
Effect of Surfactants on the Splashing Dynamics of Drops Impacting Smooth Substrates
N Varghese, TC Sykes, MA Quetzeri-Santiago, AA Castrejón-Pita, ...
Langmuir, 2024
Simulation of bidisperse colloidal centrifugal sedimentation using a mixture viscosity model
H Chen, TC Sykes, O Kivan, X Jia, M Fairweather, TN Hunter
Physics of Fluids 35 (12), 2023
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