Marcelo Eduardo Vieira Segatto
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Cytowane przez
Telomere and telomerase biology
MA Giardini, M Segatto, MS Da Silva, VS Nunes, MIN Cano
Progress in molecular biology and translational science 125, 1-40, 2014
A PAPR reduction technique based on a constant envelope OFDM approach for fiber nonlinearity mitigation in optical direct-detection systems
JAL Silva, AVT Cartaxo, MEV Segatto
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Polymer optical fiber strain gauge for human-robot interaction forces assessment on an active knee orthosis
AG Leal-Junior, A Frizera, C Marques, MRA Sanchez, TR Botelho, ...
Optical Fiber Technology 41, 205-211, 2018
Polymer optical fiber for angle and torque measurements of a series elastic actuator's spring
AG Leal-Junior, A Frizera, C Marques, MRA Sánchez, WM dos Santos, ...
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A theoretical and experimental evaluation on the performance of LoRa technology
MJ Faber, KM van der Zwaag, WGV dos Santos, HRO Rocha, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (16), 9480-9489, 2020
An analytical approximated solution for the gain of broadband Raman amplifiers with multiple counter-pumps
SPN Cani, L de Calazans Calmon, MJ Pontes, MRN Ribeiro, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 27 (7), 944-951, 2009
A practical technique for on-line monitoring of a photovoltaic plant connected to a single-phase grid
I Yahyaoui, MEV Segatto
Energy conversion and management 132, 198-206, 2017
Energy and water management for drip-irrigation of tomatoes in a semi-arid district
I Yahyaoui, F Tadeo, MV Segatto
Agricultural water management 183, 4-15, 2017
Label-free plasmonic immunosensor for cortisol detection in a D-shaped optical fiber
MS Soares, LCB Silva, M Vidal, M Loyez, M Facão, C Caucheteur, ...
Biomedical optics express 13 (6), 3259-3274, 2022
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GCM Ferreira, SPN Cani, MJ Pontes, MEV Segatto
IEEE Photonics Journal 3 (3), 390-399, 2011
Centrality and betweenness: vertex and edge decomposition of the Wiener index
G Caporossi, M Paiva, D Vukičevic, M Segatto
MATCH-communications in mathematical and computer chemistry 68 (1), 293, 2012
An algorithm for cost optimization of PMU and communication infrastructure in WAMS
MARS Cruz, HRO Rocha, MHM Paiva, MEV Segatto, E Camby, ...
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 106, 96-104, 2019
A bandwidth scalable OFDM passive optical network for future access network
DJC Coura, JAL Silva, MEV Segatto
Photonic Network Communications 18, 409-416, 2009
Experimental validation of a constant-envelope OFDM system for optical direct-detection
RB Nunes, HRO Rocha, MEV Segatto, JAL Silva
Optical Fiber Technology 20 (3), 303-307, 2014
NARX neural network model for strong resolution improvement in a distributed temperature sensor
LCB da Silva, JLA Samatelo, MEV Segatto, JP Bazzo, JCC da Silva, ...
Applied optics 57 (20), 5859-5864, 2018
Design methodology for multi-pumped discrete Raman amplifiers: case-study employing photonic crystal fibers
CES Castellani, SPN Cani, MEV Segatto, MJ Pontes, MA Romero
Optics Express 17 (16), 14121-14131, 2009
A new approach for contingency analysis based on centrality measures
EPR Coelho, MHM Paiva, MEV Segatto, G Caporossi
IEEE Systems Journal 13 (2), 1915-1923, 2018
Telecommunication technologies for smart grids: Total cost optimization
MEV Segatto, HR de Oliveira Rocha, JAL Silva, MHM Paiva, MARS Cruz
Advances in Renewable Energies and Power Technologies, 451-478, 2018
Impact of optical power in the guard-band reduction of an optimized DDO-OFDM system
EV Pereira, HRO Rocha, RB Nunes, MEV Segatto, JAL Silva
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (23), 4717-4725, 2015
Design of virtual topologies for large optical networks through an efficient MILP formulation
RTR Almeida, LC De Calmon, E Olivieira, MEV Segatto
Optical Switching and Networking 3 (1), 2-10, 2006
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