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Bullying victimization in youths and mental health problems:‘Much ado about nothing’?
L Arseneault, L Bowes, S Shakoor
Psychological medicine 40 (5), 717-729, 2010
Blunted cortisol responses to stress signal social and behavioral problems among maltreated/bullied 12-year-old children
I Ouellet-Morin, CL Odgers, A Danese, L Bowes, S Shakoor, ...
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A prospective longitudinal study of children’s theory of mind and adolescent involvement in bullying
S Shakoor, SR Jaffee, L Bowes, I Ouellet‐Morin, P Andreou, F Happé, ...
Journal of child psychology and psychiatry 53 (3), 254-261, 2012
Chronic bullying victimization across school transitions: the role of genetic and environmental influences
L Bowes, B Maughan, H Ball, S Shakoor, I Ouellet-Morin, A Caspi, ...
Development and psychopathology 25 (2), 333-346, 2013
A discordant monozygotic twin design shows blunted cortisol reactivity among bullied children
I Ouellet-Morin, A Danese, L Bowes, S Shakoor, A Ambler, CM Pariante, ...
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 50 (6), 574 …, 2011
Health-related quality of life in a clinical sample of obese children and adolescents
A Riazi, S Shakoor, I Dundas, C Eiser, SA McKenzie
Health and quality of life outcomes 8 (1), 1-6, 2010
Mothers and children as informants of bullying victimization: results from an epidemiological cohort of children
S Shakoor, SR Jaffee, P Andreou, L Bowes, AP Ambler, A Caspi, ...
Journal of abnormal child psychology 39, 379-387, 2011
A shared genetic propensity underlies experiences of bullying victimization in late childhood and self-rated paranoid thinking in adolescence
S Shakoor, P McGuire, AG Cardno, D Freeman, R Plomin, A Ronald
Schizophrenia bulletin 41 (3), 754-763, 2015
Association between stressful life events and psychotic experiences in adolescence: evidence for gene–environment correlations
S Shakoor, HMS Zavos, CMA Haworth, P McGuire, AG Cardno, ...
The British Journal of Psychiatry 208 (6), 532-538, 2016
Psychotic experiences are linked to cannabis use in adolescents in the community because of common underlying environmental risk factors
S Shakoor, HMS Zavos, P McGuire, AG Cardno, D Freeman, A Ronald
Psychiatry research 227 (2-3), 144-151, 2015
Intergenerational continuity of intimate partner violence perpetration: an investigation of possible mechanisms
S Shakoor, D Theobald, DP Farrington
Journal of interpersonal violence 37 (7-8), NP5208-NP5227, 2022
Bullying behaviours and other conduct problems: longitudinal investigation of their independent associations with risk factors and later outcomes
K Ganesan, S Shakoor, J Wertz, J Agnew-Blais, L Bowes, SR Jaffee, ...
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A twin study exploring the association between childhood emotional and behaviour problems and specific psychotic experiences in a community sample of adolescents
S Shakoor, P McGuire, AG Cardno, D Freeman, A Ronald
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 59 (5), 565-573, 2018
The association between bullying‐victimisation and sleep disturbances in adolescence: Evidence from a twin study
S Shakoor, H MS Zavos, AM Gregory, A Ronald
Journal of sleep research 30 (5), e13321, 2021
Creative arts and digital interventions: A discussion for prevention and recovery from mental health consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
S Shakoor, A Mankee-Williams, M Otis, K Bhui
PsyArXiv, 2021
Reliability and convergent validity of retrospective reports of childhood maltreatment by individuals with bipolar disorder
GM Hosang, A Manoli, S Shakoor, HL Fisher, C Parker
Psychiatry research 321, 115105, 2023
Islamophobia in UK schools
S Shakoor
Kidscape, 2019
An investigation into cognitive mechanisms as a developmental pathway for children's involvement in bullying and adjustment problems
S Shakoor
King's College London (University of London), 2013
The association between childhood bullying victimisation and childhood maltreatment with the clinical expression of bipolar disorder
A Manoli, LC Wright, S Shakoor, HL Fisher, GM Hosang
Journal of psychiatric research 158, 226-230, 2023
Creative arts and digitial interventions as potential tools in prevention and recovery from the mental health consequences of adverse childhood experiences
K Bhui, S Shakoor, A Mankee-Williams, M Otis
nature communications 13 (1), 7870, 2022
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