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Andrzej Kędziorski
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Broadband anti-Stokes white emission of Sr 2 CeO 4 nanocrystals induced by laser irradiation
W Strek, R Tomala, L Marciniak, M Lukaszewicz, B Cichy, M Stefanski, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (40), 27921-27927, 2016
Role of the antenna in tissue selective probes built of lanthanide-organic chelates
BA Hess, A Kedziorski, L Smentek, DJ Bornhop
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112 (11), 2397-2407, 2008
Ab initio Theoretical Study on the 4f2 and 4f5d Electronic Manifolds of Cubic Defects in CaF2: Pr3+
M Krosnicki, A Kedziorski, L Seijo, Z Barandiarán
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 118 (2), 358-368, 2013
New parametrization of spectra of Nd3+ and Sm3+ in glasses
A Kȩdziorski, L Smentek
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 451 (1-2), 686-690, 2008
Efficiency of the energy transfer in lanthanide-organic chelates; spectral overlap integral
L Smentek, A Ke
Journal of Luminescence 130 (7), 1154-1159, 2010
f↔ f electric dipole transitions; old problems in a new light
L Smentek, A Kȩdziorski
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 488 (2), 586-590, 2009
The first example of ab initio calculations of f–f transitions for the case of [Eu (DOTP)] 5− complex—experiment versus theory
R Janicki, A Kędziorski, A Mondry
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (40), 27808-27817, 2016
Extended parametrization scheme of f-spectra
A Ke, L Smentek
Journal of Luminescence 127 (2), 552-560, 2007
Interatomic potentials of metal dimers: probing agreement between experiment and advanced ab initio calculations for van der Waals dimer Cd2
T Urbańczyk, M Strojecki, M Krośnicki, A Kędziorski, PS Żuchowski, ...
International Reviews in Physical Chemistry 36 (4), 541-620, 2017
Magnetic dipole transitions in crystals
BG Wybourne†, L Smentek*, A Ke¸ dziorski
Molecular Physics 102 (11-12), 1105-1111, 2004
Borrowing intensity in rare earth doped materials; magnetic dipole transitions
BG Wybourne, L Smentek, A Kędziorski
Collection of Czechoslovak chemical communications 70 (7), 905-922, 2005
The E3Σ1+ (63S1)← A3Π0+ (53P1) transition in CdAr revisited: The spectrum and new analysis of the E3Σ1+ Rydberg state interatomic potential
T Urbańczyk, M Krośnicki, A Kędziorski, J Koperski
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 196, 58-66, 2018
Enhancement of and interference among higher order multipole transitions in molecules near a plasmonic nanoantenna
E Rusak, J Straubel, P Gładysz, M Göddel, A Kędziorski, M Kühn, ...
Nature Communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Magnetic configuration, electronic structure, and stability of the low-index surfaces of η-Mn 3 N 2: A first-principles study
A Kędziorski, MC Muñoz
Physical Review B 86 (15), 155455, 2012
Hyperfine‐Induced f↔ f Transitions: Effective Operator Formulation
L Smentek, A Ke¸ dziorski
Spectroscopy Letters 40 (2), 293-315, 2007
Rydberg states of the CdAr van der Waals complex
M Krośnicki, A Kędziorski, T Urbańczyk, J Koperski
Physical Review A 99 (5), 052510, 2019
Tailoring the Enhancement of and Interference among Higher Order Multipole Transitions in Molecules with a Plasmonic Nanoantenna
E Rusak, J Straubel, P Gładysz, M Göddel, A Kędziorski, M Kühn, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.08482, 2019
Magnetic dipole transitions in crystals: II. Perturbation approach
BG Wybourne, A Kȩdziorski
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 451 (1-2), 18-34, 2008
Net-value of the relativistic crystal field effect
A Kędziorski, L Smentek, BG Wybourne
Journal of alloys and compounds 380 (1-2), 151-155, 2004
Experimental and Ab Initio Study on the Intensitiesof f–f Transitions for the Molecular Eu(III)‐DOTP System
R Janicki, A Kędziorski, A Mondry
ChemistrySelect 4 (4), 1394-1402, 2019
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