Nela Nikolic
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A genome-wide analysis of promoter-mediated phenotypic noise in Escherichia coli
OK Silander, N Nikolic, A Zaslaver, A Bren, I Kikoin, U Alon, M Ackermann
PLoS Genet 8 (1), e1002443, 2012
Analysis of fluorescent reporters indicates heterogeneity in glucose uptake and utilization in clonal bacterial populations
N Nikolic, T Barner, M Ackermann
BMC microbiology 13 (1), 258, 2013
Cell-to-cell variation and specialization in sugar metabolism in clonal bacterial populations.
N Nikolic, F Schreiber, A Dal Co, DJ Kiviet, T Bergmiller, S Littmann, ...
PLoS genetics 13 (12), e1007122, 2017
Proteome sequence features carry signatures of the environmental niche of prokaryotes
Z Smole, N Nikolic, F Supek, T Šmuc, IF Sbalzarini, A Krisko
BMC evolutionary biology 11 (1), 26, 2011
Unstructured hydrophilic sequences in prokaryotic proteomes correlate with dehydration tolerance and host association
A Krisko, Z Smole, G Debret, N Nikolic, M Radman
Journal of molecular biology 402 (5), 775-782, 2010
Autoregulation of bacterial gene expression: lessons from the MazEF toxin–antitoxin system
N Nikolic
Current Genetics 65 (1), 133-138, 2019
Autoregulation of mazEF expression underlies growth heterogeneity in bacterial populations
N Nikolic, T Bergmiller, A Vandervelde, TG Albanese, L Gelens, I Moll
Nucleic acids research 46 (6), 2918-2931, 2018
Nutrient and salt depletion synergistically boosts glucose metabolism in individual Escherichia coli cells
G Glover, M Voliotis, U Łapińska, BM Invergo, D Soanes, P O’Neill, ...
Communications Biology 5 (1), 385, 2022
MazF activation promotes translational heterogeneity of the grcA mRNA in Escherichia coli populations
N Nikolic, Z Didara, I Moll
PeerJ 5, e3830, 2017
Records and genetic diversity of striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) from the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea
A Galov, G Lauc, N Nikolić, Z Šatović, T Gomerčić, MĐ Gomerčić, I Kocijan, ...
Marine Biodiversity Records 2, e98, 2009
Proteomic properties reveal phyloecological clusters of Archaea
N Nikolic, Z Smole, A Krisko
PloS one 7 (10), e48231, 2012
Investigating bacteria-phage interaction dynamics using droplet-based technology
N Nikolic, V Anagnostidis, A Tiwari, R Chait, F Gielen
bioRxiv, 2023.07. 14.549014, 2023
Label-free analysis of bacterial growth and lysis at the single-cell level using droplet microfluidics and object detection-oriented deep learning
A Tiwari, N Nikolic, V Anagnostidis, F Gielen
bioRxiv, 2023.06. 27.546533, 2023
Bacterial toxin-antitoxin system MazEF as a native defense mechanism against RNA phages in Escherichia coli
N Nikolic, T Bergmiller, M Pleska, C Guet
bioRxiv, 2023.02. 01.526697, 2023
Quantifying heterologous gene expression during ectopic MazF production in Escherichia coli
N Nikolic, M Sauert, TG Albanese, I Moll
BMC research notes 15 (1), 173, 2022
Real-time dynamics of individual chemoreceptor mRNA molecules reveals translation hotspots at the inner membrane of Escherichia coli
T Bergmiller, E Krasnopeeva, S Sarikas, N Nikolic, CC Guet
bioRxiv, 2022.12. 16.520495, 2022
Time-lapse microscopy data
T Bergmiller, N Nikolic
On phenotypic heterogeneity in clonal bacterial populations with a special focus on variation in metabolic functions
N Nikolic
ETH Zurich, 2013
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