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Reproductive and developmental toxicity of phthalates
JL Lyche, AC Gutleb, Å Bergman, GS Eriksen, ATJ Murk, E Ropstad, ...
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B 12 (4), 225-249, 2009
The role of parasites in the dynamics of a reindeer population
SD Albon, A Stien, RJ Irvine, R Langvatn, E Ropstad, O Halvorsen
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Endocrine disrupting effects of zearalenone, alpha-and beta-zearalenol at the level of nuclear receptor binding and steroidogenesis
C Frizzell, D Ndossi, S Verhaegen, E Dahl, G Eriksen, M Sørlie, ...
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The impact of gastrointestinal nematodes on wild reindeer: Experimental and cross‐sectional studies
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M Haave, E Ropstad, AE Derocher, E Lie, E Dahl, Ø Wiig, JU Skaare, ...
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Contrasting effects of summer and winter warming on body mass explain population dynamics in a food‐limited Arctic herbivore
SD Albon, RJ Irvine, O Halvorsen, R Langvatn, LE Loe, E Ropstad, ...
Global change biology 23 (4), 1374-1389, 2017
Organochlorines Affect the Major Androgenic Hormone, Testosterone, in Male Polar Bears (Ursus Maritimus) at Svalbard
IC Oskam, E Ropstad, E Dahl, E Lie, AE Derocher, ⊘ ystein Wiig, ...
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Evaluation of spermatological parameters used to predict the fertility of frozen bull semen
H Kjoestad, E Ropstad, K Andersen Berg
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A comparative study of reproductive performance in organic and conventional dairy husbandry
O Reksen, A Tverdal, E Ropstad
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Congruent responses to weather variability in high arctic herbivores
A Stien, RA Ims, SD Albon, E Fuglei, RJ Irvine, E Ropstad, O Halvorsen, ...
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Serosurvey for Toxoplasma gondii in arctic foxes and possible sources of infection in the high Arctic of Svalbard
KW Prestrud, K Åsbakk, E Fuglei, T Mørk, A Stien, E Ropstad, M Tryland, ...
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Organochlorines affect the steroid hormone cortisol in free-ranging polar bears (Ursus maritimus) at Svalbard, Norway
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Organohalogen contamination in breeding glaucous gulls from the Norwegian Arctic: Associations with basal metabolism and circulating thyroid hormones
J Verreault, C Bech, RJ Letcher, E Ropstad, E Dahl, GW Gabrielsen
Environmental Pollution 145 (1), 138-145, 2007
In Vitro Assay Shows That PCB Metabolites Completely Saturate Thyroid Hormone Transport Capacity in Blood of Wild Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus)
AC Gutleb, P Cenijn, M Velzen, E Lie, E Ropstad, JU Skaare, T Malmberg, ...
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More frequent extreme climate events stabilize reindeer population dynamics
BB Hansen, M Gamelon, SD Albon, AM Lee, A Stien, RJ Irvine, ...
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Natural mixtures of POPs affected body weight gain and induced transcription of genes involved in weight regulation and insulin signaling
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Evaluating capture stress and its effects on reproductive success in Svalbard reindeer
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Valproate inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estradiol and acts as an apoptotic agent in growing porcine ovarian follicular cells
E Taubøll, EL Gregoraszczuk, A Kołodziej, M Kajta, E Ropstad
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Behavior of lactating Holstein-Friesian cows during spontaneous cycles of estrus
G Sveberg, AO Refsdal, HW Erhard, E Kommisrud, M Aldrin, IF Tvete, ...
Journal of dairy science 94 (3), 1289-1301, 2011
Levels of milk urea, plasma constituents and rumen liquid ammonia in relation to the feeding of dairy cows during early lactation
E Ropstad, L Vik-Mo, AO Refsdal
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica 30, 199-208, 1989
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