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Benjamin Stein
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Cytowane przez
Covalency in americium (III) hexachloride
JN Cross, J Su, ER Batista, SK Cary, WJ Evans, SA Kozimor, V Mocko, ...
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J Gao, BW Stein, AK Thomas, JA Garcia, J Yang, ML Kirk, JK Grey
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Synthesis and characterization of the actinium aquo ion
MG Ferrier, BW Stein, ER Batista, JM Berg, ER Birnbaum, JW Engle, ...
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Electronic and Exchange Coupling in a Cross-Conjugated D–B–A Biradical: Mechanistic Implications for Quantum Interference Effects
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EPR, ENDOR, and Electronic Structure Studies of the Jahn–Teller Distortion in an FeV Nitride
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Polyoxovanadate–alkoxide clusters as a redox reservoir for iron
F Li, SH Carpenter, RF Higgins, MG Hitt, WW Brennessel, MG Ferrier, ...
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Ligand control of donor–acceptor excited-state lifetimes
J Yang, DK Kersi, LJ Giles, BW Stein, C Feng, CR Tichnell, DA Shultz, ...
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Examining the effects of ligand variation on the electronic structure of uranium bis (imido) species
JJ Kiernicki, MG Ferrier, JS Lezama Pacheco, HS La Pierre, BW Stein, ...
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Evaluating the electronic structure of formal Ln II ions in Ln II (C 5 H 4 SiMe 3) 3 1− using XANES spectroscopy and DFT calculations
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Advancing chelation chemistry for actinium and other+ 3 f-elements, Am, Cm, and La
BW Stein, A Morgenstern, ER Batista, ER Birnbaum, SE Bone, SK Cary, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (49), 19404-19414, 2019
Comparing the 2, 2′‐Biphenylenedithiophosphinate Binding of Americium with Neodymium and Europium
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MG Ferrier, BW Stein, SE Bone, SK Cary, AS Ditter, SA Kozimor, ...
Chemical Science 9 (35), 7078-7090, 2018
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BW Stein, ML Kirk
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 20, 183-194, 2015
Orbital contributions to CO oxidation in Mo–Cu carbon monoxide dehydrogenase
BW Stein, ML Kirk
Chemical communications 50 (9), 1104-1106, 2014
Determining the Conformational Landscape of σ and π Coupling Using para-Phenylene and “Aviram–Ratner” Bridges
DE Stasiw, J Zhang, G Wang, R Dangi, BW Stein, DA Shultz, ML Kirk, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (29), 9222-9225, 2015
Excited state magnetic exchange interactions enable large spin polarization effects
BW Stein, CR Tichnell, J Chen, DA Shultz, ML Kirk
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (6), 2221-2228, 2018
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