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Prasenjit Dey
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Cytowane przez
Regularizing multilayer perceptron for robustness
P Dey, K Nag, T Pal, NR Pal
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems 48 (8), 1255-1266, 2017
Fortified-chain 2.0: Intelligent blockchain for decentralized smart healthcare system
BS Egala, AK Pradhan, P Dey, V Badarla, SP Mohanty
IEEE Internet of Things Journal 10 (14), 12308-12321, 2023
On robustness of radial basis function network with input perturbation
P Dey, M Gopal, P Pradhan, T Pal
Neural Computing and Applications 31, 523-537, 2019
Real time detection of cognitive load using fNIRS: A deep learning approach
S Karmakar, S Kamilya, P Dey, PK Guhathakurta, M Dalui, TK Bera, ...
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 80, 104227, 2023
Adaptive position–based crossover in the genetic algorithm for data clustering
A Gain, P Dey
Recent Advances in Hybrid Metaheuristics for Data Clustering, 39-59, 2020
A hybrid regularized multilayer perceptron for input noise immunity
R Mondal, T Pal, P Dey
IEEE Transactions on Artificial Intelligence 5 (1), 115-126, 2023
Analytical modelling of video surveillance system along forest railway tracks
A Acharyya, P Dey, A Datta, S Bose
IETE Journal of Education 61 (2), 55-63, 2020
Regularizing Multilayer Perceptron for Generalization Using KL-Divergence
R Mondal, P Dey, G Sharma, T Pal
2020 International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and …, 2020
A new random forest and support vector machine-based intrusion detection model in networks
P Dey, D Bhakta
National Academy Science Letters 46 (5), 471-477, 2023
GFRP cutting parameters optimization using different MOEAs
S Mukherjee, P Dey, T Pal
2017 International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Instrumentation and …, 2017
On Improving Generalization of Classifiers using Feature Extraction
P Dey, T Pal
International Journal of Control Theory and Applications 10 (14), 29-38, 2017
Regularized stacked auto-encoder based pre-training for generalization of multi-layer perceptron
P Dey, A Ghosh, T Pal
Theory and Practice of Natural Computing: 6th International Conference, TPNC …, 2017
IMOGA/SOM: An intelligent multi-objective genetic algorithm using self organizing map
S Aon, A Sau, P Dey, T Pal
Advances in Computational Intelligence: 14th International Work-Conference …, 2017
Extended self organizing map with probabilistic neural network for pattern classification problems
P Dey, T Pal
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Frontiers of Intelligent …, 2015
A survey on energy-efficient routing in wireless sensor networks using machine learning algorithms
P Dey, A Gain
Novel Research and Development Approaches in Heterogeneous Systems and …, 2023
Design and Realization of an IoT-Based System for Real-Time Monitoring of Embryo Culture Conditions in IVF CO2 Incubators
S Bose, S Ghosh, S Dhang, P Dey, A Acharyya
Doctoral Symposium on Intelligence Enabled Research, 161-172, 2022
Discriminative Regularized Input Manifold for multilayer perceptron
R Mondal, T Pal, P Dey
Pattern Recognition 151, 110421, 2024
Applications of Internet of Things and Machine Learning Technologies in Healthcare
P Dey, SK Adhikari, S De, R Banerjee
Internet of Things-Based Machine Learning in Healthcare, 1-18, 2024
Forecasting of Rainfall in Subdivisions of India Using Machine Learning
S Hazra, S Ghosal, A Mondal, P Dey
Doctoral Symposium on Intelligence Enabled Research, 205-214, 2023
IoT-Based Smart Internet Protocol Camera for Examination Monitoring
S Bose, S Ghosh, S Dhang, R Karmakar, P Dey, A Acharyya
Doctoral Symposium on Intelligence Enabled Research, 249-260, 2022
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