Benny Avelin
Benny Avelin
Uppsala University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Nonlinear Calderón–Zygmund theory in the limiting case
B Avelin, T Kuusi, G Mingione
Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 227, 663-714, 2018
Neural ODEs as the deep limit of ResNets with constant weights
B Avelin, K Nyström
Analysis and Applications 19 (03), 397-437, 2021
Boundary estimates for certain degenerate and singular parabolic equations.
B Avelin, U Gianazza, S Salsa
Journal of the European Mathematical Society (EMS Publishing) 18 (2), 2016
Uncertainty-aware body composition analysis with deep regression ensembles on UK Biobank MRI
T Langner, FK Gustafsson, B Avelin, R Strand, H Ahlström, J Kullberg
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 93, 101994, 2021
Lower semicontinuity of weak supersolutions to the porous medium equation
B Avelin, T Lukkari
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 143 (8), 3475-3486, 2015
Harnack estimates for degenerate parabolic equations modeled on the subelliptic p-Laplacian
B Avelin, L Capogna, G Citti, K Nyström
Advances in Mathematics 257, 25-65, 2014
A note on the hyperconvexity of pseudoconvex domains beyond Lipschitz regularity
B Avelin, L Hed, H Persson
Potential Analysis 43, 531-545, 2015
Deep limits and a cut-off phenomenon for neural networks
B Avelin, A Karlsson
Journal of Machine Learning Research 23 (191), 1-29, 2022
A comparison principle for the porous medium equation and its consequences
B Avelin, T Lukkari
Revista matemática iberoamericana 33 (2), 573-594, 2017
On time dependent domains for the degenerate -parabolic equation: Carleson estimate and Hölder continuity
B Avelin
Mathematische Annalen 364 (1), 667-686, 2016
Boundary estimates for solutions to operators of p-Laplace type with lower order terms
B Avelin, NLP Lundström, K Nyström
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Approximation of plurisubharmonic functions
B Avelin, L Hed, H Persson
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B Avelin, T Kuusi, K Nyström
Analysis & PDE 12 (1), 1-42, 2018
Estimates for solutions to equations of p-Laplace type in Ahlfors regular NTA-domains
B Avelin, K Nyström
Journal of Functional Analysis 266 (9), 5955-6005, 2014
Optimal doubling, Reifenberg flatness and operators of p-Laplace type
B Avelin, NLP Lundström, K Nyström
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 74 (17), 5943-5955, 2011
Variational Parabolic Capacity
B Avelin, T Kuusi, M Parviainen
A Carleson type inequality for fully nonlinear elliptic equations with non-Lipschitz drift term
B Avelin, V Julin
Journal of Functional Analysis 272 (8), 3176-3215, 2017
Approximation and bounded plurisubharmonic exhaustion functions beyond Lipschitz domains
B Avelin, L Hed, H Persson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1210.7105, 2012
Wolff-potential estimates and doubling of subelliptic p-harmonic measures
B Avelin, K Nyström
Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications 85, 145-159, 2013
Concentration inequalities for leave-one-out cross validation
B Avelin, L Viitasaari
arXiv preprint arXiv:2211.02478, 2022
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