Anne Turner
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A cascade of disparities: health and health care access for people with intellectual disabilities
GL Krahn, L Hammond, A Turner
Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews 12 (1), 70-82, 2006
Genetics of dementia
CT Loy, PR Schofield, AM Turner, JBJ Kwok
The Lancet 383 (9919), 828-840, 2014
The use of social networking sites for public health practice and research: a systematic review
D Capurro, K Cole, MI Echavarría, J Joe, T Neogi, AM Turner
Journal of medical Internet research 16 (3), e79, 2014
Understanding the information needs of public health practitioners: a literature review to inform design of an interactive digital knowledge management system
D Revere, AM Turner, A Madhavan, N Rambo, PF Bugni, AM Kimball, ...
Journal of biomedical informatics 40 (4), 410-421, 2007
Nonhematopoietic tumor cell lines express stem cell factor and display c-kit receptors
AM Turner, KM Zsebo, F Martin, FW Jacobsen, LG Bennett, VC Broudy
FLT3 receptor expression on the surface of normal and malignant human hematopoietic cells
AM Turner, NL Lin, S Issarachai, SD Lyman, VC Broudy
Prediction of late death or disability at age 5 years using a count of 3 neonatal morbidities in very low birth weight infants
B Schmidt, RS Roberts, PG Davis, LW Doyle, EV Asztalos, G Opie, ...
The Journal of pediatrics 167 (5), 982-986. e2, 2015
Germline loss-of-function mutations in EPHB4 cause a second form of capillary malformation-arteriovenous malformation (CM-AVM2) deregulating RAS-MAPK signaling
M Amyere, N Revencu, R Helaers, E Pairet, E Baselga, M Cordisco, ...
Circulation 136 (11), 1037-1048, 2017
Further localization of the gene for nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome (NBCCS) in 15 Australasian families: linkage and loss of heterozygosity
G Chenevix-Trench, C Wicking, J Berkman, H Sharpe, A Hockey, E Haan, ...
American journal of human genetics 53 (3), 760, 1993
Incontinentia pigmenti case series: clinical spectrum of incontinentia pigmenti in 53 female patients and their relatives
TA Phan, O Wargon, AM Turner
Clinical and Experimental Dermatology: Clinical dermatology 30 (5), 474-480, 2005
Identification and characterization of a soluble c-kit receptor produced by human hematopoietic cell lines
AM Turner, LG Bennett, NL Lin, J Wypych, TD Bartley, RW Hunt, HL Atkins, ...
Whole-exome sequencing reanalysis at 12 months boosts diagnosis and is cost-effective when applied early in Mendelian disorders
LJ Ewans, D Schofield, R Shrestha, Y Zhu, V Gayevskiy, K Ying, C Walsh, ...
Genetics in Medicine 20 (12), 1564-1574, 2018
ATAD3 gene cluster deletions cause cerebellar dysfunction associated with altered mitochondrial DNA and cholesterol metabolism
R Desai, AE Frazier, R Durigon, H Patel, AW Jones, I Dalla Rosa, NJ Lake, ...
Brain 140 (6), 1595-1610, 2017
Mutations in PIGY: expanding the phenotype of inherited glycosylphosphatidylinositol deficiencies
B Ilkovski, AT Pagnamenta, GL O'Grady, T Kinoshita, MF Howard, M Lek, ...
Human molecular genetics 24 (21), 6146-6159, 2015
Using crowdsourcing technology for testing multilingual public health promotion materials
AM Turner, K Kirchhoff, D Capurro
Journal of medical Internet research 14 (3), e79, 2012
Application of statistical machine translation to public health information: a feasibility study
K Kirchhoff, AM Turner, A Axelrod, F Saavedra
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 18 (4), 473-478, 2011
Differential expression of pyloric atresia in junctional epidermolysis bullosa with ITGB4 mutations suggests that pyloric atresia is due to factors other than the mutations and …
N Dang, S Klingberg, AI Rubin, M Edwards, S Borelli, J Relic, P Marr, ...
Acta dermato-venereologica 88 (5), 438-448, 2008
Patient portal use and experience among older adults: systematic review
DK Sakaguchi-Tang, AL Bosold, YK Choi, AM Turner
JMIR medical informatics 5 (4), e38, 2017
Scenario-based design: A method for connecting information system design with public health operations and emergency management
B Reeder, AM Turner
Journal of biomedical informatics 44 (6), 978-988, 2011
Modeling public health interventions for improved access to the gray literature
AM Turner, ED Liddy, J Bradley, JA Wheatley
Journal of the Medical Library Association 93 (4), 487, 2005
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