Marian Marciniak
Marian Marciniak
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Mesoporous carbons modified with lanthanum (III) chloride for methyl orange adsorption
J Goscianska, M Marciniak, R Pietrzak
Chemical Engineering Journal 247, 258-264, 2014
Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma (ARIA) Phase 4 (2018): Change management in allergic rhinitis and asthma multimorbidity using mobile technology
J Bousquet, PW Hellings, I Agache, F Amat, I Annesi-Maesano, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 143 (3), 864-879, 2019
Photonic crystals: physics and technology
C Sibilia, TM Benson, M Marciniak, T Szoplik
Springer Milan, 2008
Analysis of lossy mode cut-off conditions in planar waveguides with semiconductor guiding layer
M Marciniak, J Grzegorzewski, M Szustakowski
IEE Proceedings J (Optoelectronics) 140 (4), 247-252, 1993
Accurate analysis of light scattering and absorption by an infinite flat grating of thin silver nanostrips in free space using the method of analytical regularization
TL Zinenko, M Marciniak, AI Nosich
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 19 (3), 9000108-9000108, 2012
Electromagnetics of modulated media with applications to photonics
AG Nerukh, IV Scherbatko, M Marciniak, IY Vorgul
Nat. Inst. of Telecommunications, 2001
Effect of periodicity in the resonant scattering of light by finite sparse configurations of many silver nanowires
DM Natarov, R Sauleau, M Marciniak, AI Nosich
Plasmonics 9 (2), 389-407, 2014
Ordered mesoporous carbons modified with cerium as effective adsorbents for azo dyes removal
J Goscianska, M Marciniak, R Pietrzak
Separation and Purification Technology 154, 236-245, 2015
Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in civil engineering—COST action TU1208
L Pajewski, A Benedetto, X Derobert, A Giannopoulos, A Loizos, ...
2013 7th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar, 1-6, 2013
Using moss and lichens in biomonitoring of heavy-metal contamination of forest areas in southern and north-eastern Poland
A Kłos, Z Ziembik, M Rajfur, A Dołhańczuk-Śródka, Z Bochenek, ...
Science of the Total Environment 627, 438-449, 2018
Performance overview of the offset time emulated OBS network architecture
M Klinkowski, D Careglio, J Solé-Pareta, M Marciniak
Journal of Lightwave Technology 27 (14), 2751-2764, 2009
The expert system supporting the assessment of the durability of forging tools
Z Gronostajski, M Hawryluk, M Kaszuba, M Marciniak, A Niechajowicz, ...
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 82 (9-12 …, 2016
Techniki obróbki mechanicznej i erozyjnej
R Filipowski, M Marciniak
Non-linear optimization for multi-path source routing in OBS networks
M Klinkowski, M Pioro, D Careglio, M Marciniak, J Solé-Pareta
IEEE Communications Letters 11 (12), 1016-1018, 2007
Sensitivity of imaging properties of metal-dielectric layered flat lens to fabrication inaccuracies
R Kotyński, H Baghdasaryan, T Stefaniuk, A Pastuszczak, M Marciniak, ...
Opto-Electronics Review 18 (4), 446-457, 2010
Improving durability of hot forging tools by applying hybrid layers
Z Gronostajski, M Kaszuba, M Hawryluk, M Marciniak, M Zwierzchowski, ...
Metalurgija 54 (4), 687-690, 2015
Optical burst and packet switching: Node and network design, contention resolution and Quality of Service
S Bjornstad, M Nord, DR Hjelme, N Stol, C Develder, J Cheyns, ...
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Telecommunications, 2003 …, 2003
Nonlinear interactions in wavelength-multiplexed optical fibre telecommunication systems
M Kowalewski, M Marciniak, A Sedlin
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 2 (4), 319, 2000
Realization of integrated Bragg reflectors in DANS-polymer waveguides
S Aramaki, G Assanto, GI Stegeman, M Marciniak
Journal of lightwave technology 11 (7), 1189-1195, 1993
Phenomena and degradation mechanisms in the surface layer of die inserts used in the hot forging processes
M Hawryluk, M Zwierzchowski, M Marciniak, P Sadowski
Engineering Failure Analysis 79, 313-329, 2017
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