Sheila Devasahayam
Sheila Devasahayam
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The Coal Handbook: Towards Cleaner Production: Volume 2: Coal Utilisation
D Osborne
Elsevier, 2013
Utilization and recycling of end of life plastics for sustainable and clean industrial processes including the iron and steel industry
S Devasahayam, GB Raju, CM Hussain
Materials Science for Energy Technologies 2 (3), 634-646, 2019
Thermal Decomposition of Magnesium Carbonate with Biomass and Plastic Wastes for Simultaneous Production of Hydrogen and Carbon Avoidance. …
S Devasahayam, V Strezov
journal of cleaner production; 174, 1089-1095, 2018
Thermal analysis studies on the decomposition of magnesite
D Sheila
International journal of mineral processing 37 (1-2), 73-88, 1993
Chemistry of acid production in black coal mine washery wastes
S Devasahayam
International Journal of Mineral Processing 79 (1), 1-8, 2006
Effect of electron beam radiolysis on mechanical properties of high performance polyimides. A comparative study of transparent polymer films
S Devasahayam, DJT Hill, JW Connell
High Performance Polymers 17 (4), 547-559, 2005
Precipitation of magnesium carbonate
D Sheila, PR Khangaonkar
Hydrometallurgy 22 (1-2), 249-258, 1989
Plastics—villain or hero? polymers and recycled polymers in mineral and metallurgical processing—a review
S Devasahayam, RK Raman, K Chennakesavulu, S Bhattacharya
Materials 12 (4), 655, 2019
Application of particle size distribution analysis in evaluating the weathering in coal mine rejects and tailings
S Devasahayam
Fuel processing technology 88 (3), 295-301, 2007
Studies on the extraction of magnesia from low grade magnesites by carbon dioxide pressure leaching of hydrated magnesia
D Sheila, C Sankaran, PR Khangaonkar
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A comparative study of the radiation resistance of four optically transparent polyimides
S Devasahayam, DJT Hill, JW Connell
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Towards improving wet‐adhesion in a metal oxide‐polymer coating system
S Devasahayam
Journal of applied polymer science 99 (6), 3318-3327, 2006
Effect of moisture‐ingress on adhesion energy in a metal oxide‐polymer system
S Devasahayam
Journal of applied polymer science 99 (5), 2052-2061, 2006
Review: Opportunities for simultaneous energy/materials conversion of carbon dioxide and plastics in metallurgical processes
sheila devasahayam
sustainable materials and technology, 2019
The radiation chemistry of ultem at 77 K as revealed by ESR spectroscopy
S Devasahayam, DJT Hill, PJ Pomery, AK Whittaker
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 64 (4), 299-308, 2002
A novel iron ore pelletization for increased strength under ambient conditions
S Devasahayam
Sustainable Materials and Technologies 17, e00069, 2018
Predicting the liberation of sulfide minerals using the breakage distribution function
S Devasahayam
Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review 36 (2), 136-144, 2015
Brown Coal Dewatering Using Poly (Acrylamide-Co-Potassium Acrylic) Based Super Absorbent Polymers
S Devasahayam, A Ameen, V Verheyen, S Bandyopadhyay
Minerals 5, 1, 2015
Investigation into Failure in Mining Wire Ropes—Effect of Crystallinity
S Devasahayam, V Sahajwalla, M Sng
Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials 2013, 2013
FT‐Raman studies of a range of polyimides subjected to high‐energy radiations at room and elevated temperatures
S Devasahayam, DJT Hill, JW Connell
Journal of applied polymer science 101 (3), 1575-1582, 2006
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