Azizollah Shafiekhani
Azizollah Shafiekhani
Dept. of Theo. Physics and Nanophysics, Faculty of Physics, Alzahra University
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Cytowane przez
XPS study of the Cu@ Cu2O core-shell nanoparticles
T Ghodselahi, MA Vesaghi, A Shafiekhani, A Baghizadeh, M Lameii
Applied Surface Science 255 (5), 2730-2734, 2008
Study of surface plasmon resonance of Cu@ Cu2O core–shell nanoparticles by Mie theory
T Ghodselahi, MA Vesaghi, A Shafiekhani
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (1), 015308, 2008
ZnO quantum dots-graphene composites: Formation mechanism and enhanced photocatalytic activity for degradation of methyl orange dye
A Tayyebi, M Tayebi, A Shafikhani, SS Şengör
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 663, 738-749, 2016
Microstructure and tribological properties of FeNPs@ aC: H films by micromorphology analysis and fractal geometry
S Ţălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, A Shafiekhani, A Ghaderi, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (33), 8212-8218, 2015
Evolution of rough-surface geometry and crystalline structures of aligned TiO2 nanotubes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
M Zare, S Solaymani, A Shafiekhani, S Kulesza, Ş Ţălu, M Bramowicz
Scientific reports 8 (1), 10870, 2018
Graphene/Li-ion battery
N Kheirabadi, A Shafiekhani
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (12), 2012
Gold nanoparticles embedded in carbon film: micromorphology analysis
Ş Ţălu, M Bramowicz, S Kulesza, S Solaymani, A Shafikhani, A Ghaderi, ...
Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 35, 158-166, 2016
Review on graphene spintronic, new land for discovery
N Kheirabadi, A Shafiekhani, M Fathipour
Superlattices and Microstructures 74, 123-145, 2014
Co-deposition process of RF-Sputtering and RF-PECVD of copper/carbon nanocomposite films
T Ghodselahi, MA Vesaghi, A Shafiekhani, A Baradaran, A Karimi, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 202 (12), 2731-2736, 2008
A lectin-coupled porous silicon-based biosensor: label-free optical detection of bacteria in a real-time mode
M Yaghoubi, F Rahimi, B Negahdari, AH Rezayan, A Shafiekhani
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 16017, 2020
Hot filament CVD of Fe–Cr catalyst for thermal CVD carbon nanotube growth from liquid petroleum gas
MA Pasha, A Shafiekhani, MA Vesaghi
Applied Surface Science 256 (5), 1365-1371, 2009
Supercritical synthesis and characterization of graphene–PbS quantum dots composite with enhanced photovoltaic properties
A Tayyebi, MM Tavakoli, M Outokesh, A Shafiekhani, A Simchi
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (30), 7382-7392, 2015
Ultrasonic waves and temperature effects on graphene structure fabricated by electrochemical exfoliation method
R Bakhshandeh, A Shafiekhani
Materials chemistry and physics 212, 95-102, 2018
Photoelectrochemical Determination of Shallow and Deep Trap States of Platinum-Decorated TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Photocatalytic Applications
M Zare, A Mortezaali, A Shafiekhani
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (17), 901, 2016
Preparation and magnetoresistance behavior of nickel nanoparticles embedded in hydrogenated carbon film
M Molamohammadi, C Luna, A Arman, S Solaymani, A Boochani, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 26, 6814-6818, 2015
Influence of modified ZnO quantum dots and nanostructures as new antibacterials
Z Fakhroueian, FM Harsini, F Chalabian, F Katouzian, A Shafiekhani, ...
Advances in nanoparticles 2 (03), 247, 2013
Topographic characterization of zirconia-based ceramics by atomic force microscopy: A case study on different laser irradiations
M Fattahi, NB Nezafat, Ş Ţălu, S Solaymani, M Ghoranneviss, SM Elahi, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 853, 154763, 2020
Synthesis and characterization of a new organic–inorganic hybrid NiO–chlorophyll-a as optical material
Z Mehraban, F Farzaneh, A Shafiekhani
Optical Materials 29 (8), 927-931, 2007
Metal–nonmetal transition in the copper–carbon nanocomposite films
T Ghodselahi, MA Vesaghi, A Shafiekhani, M Ahmadi, M Panahandeh, ...
Physica B: Condensed Matter 405 (18), 3949-3951, 2010
Logarithmic Operators in Conformal Field Theory and the-Algebra
A Shafiekhani, MRR Tabar
International Journal of Modern Physics A 12 (21), 3723-3738, 1997
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