Rafał Rytel-Andrianik
Rafał Rytel-Andrianik
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Micro-Doppler analysis of signal received by FMCW radar
M Nalecz, RR Andrianik, A Wojtkiewicz
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Optimal detection and estimation in FMCW radar
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On circularity of complex-valued radar signals
R Rytel-Andrianik
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A versatile signal processor and control system for AESA radar
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Efficient matched filtering and beamforming for coherent MIMO radar
R Rytel-Andrianik
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Detection and tracking experiments with a fixed FMCW radar in an urban scenario
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Monopulse angle estimation with three sub-apertures
R Rytel-Andrianik, K Kulpa
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Estymacja parametrów ruchu obiektów wykrywanych przez radar FMCW
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Exact Cramer-Rao bounds for signals with constant amplitude and polynomial phase
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Design of MTD filters with maximal average improvement factor
R Rytel-Andrianik
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R Rytel-Andrianik
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System przetwarzania sygnałów w radarze MTD
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Pilot-based calibration of dual-tuner SDR receivers
G Mazurek, R Rytel-Andrianik
2020 28th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), 1971-1975, 2021
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