aliasghar ajami
aliasghar ajami
Faculty of Physics, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran
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Cytowane przez
A straightforward synthesis and structure–activity relationship of highly efficient initiators for two-photon polymerization
Z Li, N Pucher, K Cicha, J Torgersen, SC Ligon, A Ajami, W Husinsky, ...
Macromolecules 46 (2), 352-361, 2013
Initiation efficiency and cytotoxicity of novel water-soluble two-photon photoinitiators for direct 3D microfabrication of hydrogels
Z Li, J Torgersen, A Ajami, S Mühleder, X Qin, W Husinsky, W Holnthoner, ...
RSC advances 3 (36), 15939-15946, 2013
Experimental study of fs-laser induced sub-100-nm periodic surface structures on titanium
CSR Nathala, A Ajami, AA Ionin, SI Kudryashov, SV Makarov, T Ganz, ...
Optics express 23 (5), 5915-5929, 2015
Synthesis and structure‐activity relationship of several aromatic ketone‐based two‐photon initiators
Z Li, M Siklos, N Pucher, K Cicha, A Ajami, W Husinsky, A Rosspeintner, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 49 (17), 3688-3699, 2011
Ultrashort laser pulse ablation of copper, silicon and gelatin: effect of the pulse duration on the ablation thresholds and the incubation coefficients
CSR Nathala, A Ajami, W Husinsky, B Farooq, SI Kudryashov, ...
Applied Physics A 122, 1-8, 2016
A biocompatible diazosulfonate initiator for direct encapsulation of human stem cells via two-photon polymerization
M Tromayer, A Dobos, P Gruber, A Ajami, R Dedic, A Ovsianikov, R Liska
Polymer Chemistry 9 (22), 3108-3117, 2018
Two-photon absorption cross section measurements of various two-photon initiators for ultrashort laser radiation applying the Z-scan technique
A Ajami, W Husinsky, R Liska, N Pucher
JOSA B 27 (11), 2290-2297, 2010
Z-scan study of nonlinear absorption of gold nano-particles prepared by ion implantation in various types of silicate glasses
W Husinsky, A Ajami, P Nekvindova, B Svecova, J Pesicka, M Janecek
Optics communications 285 (10-11), 2729-2733, 2012
Wavelength-optimized two-photon polymerization using initiators based on multipolar aminostyryl-1, 3, 5-triazines
M Tromayer, P Gruber, A Rosspeintner, A Ajami, W Husinsky, F Plasser, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 17273, 2018
3d alkyne–azide cycloaddition: spatiotemporally controlled by combination of aryl azide photochemistry and two-photon grafting
Z Li, E Stankevičius, A Ajami, G Račiukaitis, W Husinsky, A Ovsianikov, ...
Chemical communications 49 (69), 7635-7637, 2013
Saturable absorption of silver nanoparticles in glass for femtosecond laser pulses at 400 nm
A Ajami, W Husinsky, B Svecova, S Vytykacova, P Nekvindova
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 426, 159-163, 2015
Dynamic polarization flip in nanoripples on photoexcited Ti surface near its surface plasmon resonance
SI Kudryashov, SV Makarov, AA Ionin, CSR Nathala, A Ajami, T Ganz, ...
Optics Letters 40 (21), 4967-4970, 2015
Nonlinear absorption properties correlated with the surface and structural changes of ultra short pulse laser irradiated CR-39
MS Rafique, S Bashir, A Ajami, W Husinsky
Applied Physics A 100, 1183-1189, 2010
Measurement of degenerate two-photon absorption spectra of a series of developed two-photon initiators using a dispersive white light continuum Z-scan
A Ajami, W Husinsky, M Tromayer, P Gruber, R Liska, A Ovsianikov
Applied Physics Letters 111 (7), 2017
The growth of nanoscale periodic and dot-like structures on the surface of stainless steel with femtosecond laser pulses in the dry and wet ambient environment
S Bashir, M Shahid Rafique, A Ajami, W Husinsky
Applied Physics A 113, 673-681, 2013
3D photografting with aromatic azides: A comparison between three-photon and two-photon case
Z Li, A Ajami, E Stankevičius, W Husinsky, G Račiukaitis, J Stampfl, ...
Optical Materials 35 (10), 1846-1851, 2013
Femtosecond laser fluence based nanostructuring of W and Mo in ethanol
S Bashir, MS Rafique, CS Nathala, AA Ajami, W Husinsky
Physica B: Condensed Matter 513, 48-57, 2017
Femtosecond laser induced nanostructuring of zirconium in liquid confined environment
N Ali, S Bashir, MS Rafique, N Begum, W Husinsky, A Ajami, ...
Chinese Physics B 26 (1), 015204, 2017
Evidence of concentration dependence of the two-photon absorption cross section: determining the “true” cross section value
A Ajami, P Gruber, M Tromayer, W Husinsky, J Stampfl, R Liska, ...
Optical Materials 47, 524-529, 2015
Femtosecond laser induced periodic surface structures for the enhancement of field emission properties of tungsten
M Akram, S Bashir, SA Jalil, M ElKabbash, F Aumayr, A Ajami, ...
Optical Materials Express 9 (7), 3183-3192, 2019
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