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Emplacement of the Arzachena Pluton (Corsica–Sardinia Batholith) and the geodynamics of incoming Pangaea
L Casini, S Cuccuru, M Maino, G Oggiano, M Tiepolo
Tectonophysics 544, 31-49, 2012
U–Pb zircon ages for post-Variscan volcanism in the Ligurian Alps (Northern Italy)
G Dallagiovanna, L Gaggero, M Maino, S Seno, M Tiepolo
Journal of the Geological Society 166 (1), 101-114, 2009
Stratigraphic evolution in the Ligurian Alps between Variscan heritages and the Alpine Tethys opening: A review
A Decarlis, G Dallagiovanna, A Lualdi, M Maino, S Seno
Earth-Science Reviews 125, 43-68, 2013
Tectono‐sedimentary evolution of the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (NW Italy) within the Oligo–Miocene central Mediterranean geodynamics
M Maino, A Decarlis, F Felletti, S Seno
Tectonics 32 (3), 593-619, 2013
Dating shallow thrusts with zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry—The shear heating connection
M Maino, L Casini, A Ceriani, A Decarlis, A Di Giulio, S Seno, M Setti, ...
Geology 43 (6), 495-498, 2015
U–Pb zircon geochronological and petrographic constraints on late to post‐collisional Variscan magmatism and metamorphism in the Ligurian Alps, Italy
M Maino, G Dallagiovanna, L Gaggero, S Seno, M Tiepolo
Geological Journal 47 (6), 632-652, 2012
Salt tectonics in the SW Alps (Italy–France): From rifting to the inversion of the European continental margin in a context of oblique convergence
A Decarlis, M Maino, G Dallagiovanna, A Lualdi, E Masini, S Seno, ...
Tectonophysics 636, 293-314, 2014
Structural map of variscan northern Sardinia (Italy)
L Casini, S Cuccuru, M Maino, G Oggiano, A Puccini, P Rossi
Journal of maps 11 (1), 75-84, 2015
Cambro-Silurian magmatisms at the northern Gondwana margin (Penninic basement of the Ligurian Alps)
M Maino, L Gaggero, A Langone, S Seno, M Fanning
Geoscience Frontiers 10 (1), 315-330, 2019
Tectono‐thermal evolution of a distal rifted margin: Constraints from the Calizzano Massif (Prepiedmont‐Briançonnais Domain, Ligurian Alps)
A Decarlis, MG Fellin, M Maino, S Ferrando, G Manatschal, L Gaggero, ...
Tectonics 36 (12), 3209-3228, 2017
The thrust zone of the Ligurian Penninic basal contact (Monte Fronté, Ligurian Alps, Italy)
M Maino, S Seno
Journal of Maps 12 (sup1), 341-351, 2016
Progressive deformation patterns from an accretionary prism (Helminthoid Flysch, Ligurian Alps, Italy)
P Mueller, M Maino, S Seno
Geosciences 10 (1), 26, 2020
GEOTHERM: A finite difference code for testing metamorphic P–T–t paths and tectonic models
L Casini, A Puccini, S Cuccuru, M Maino, G Oggiano
Computers & Geosciences 59, 171-180, 2013
Testing models of orogen exhumation using zircon (U–Th)/He thermochronology: Insight from the Ligurian Alps, Northern Italy
M Maino, G Dallagiovanna, KJ Dobson, L Gaggero, C Persano, S Seno, ...
Tectonophysics 560, 84-93, 2012
Sheath fold development around deformable inclusions: Integration of field-analysis (Cima Lunga unit, Central Alps) and 3D numerical models
M Maino, M Adamuszek, FL Schenker, S Seno, M Dabrowski
Journal of Structural Geology 144, 104255, 2021
Time‐dependent heat budget of a thrust from geological records and numerical experiments
M Maino, L Casini, C Boschi, A Di Giulio, M Setti, S Seno
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 125 (3), e2019JB018940, 2020
HTLP metamorphism and fluid‐fluxed melting during multistage anatexis of continental crust (N Sardinia, Italy)
L Casini, M Maino, A Langone, G Oggiano, S Corvò, JR Estrada, M Liesa
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 41 (1), 25-57, 2023
Large sheath folds in the Briançonnais of the Ligurian Alps reconstructed by analysis of minor structures and stratigraphic mapping
M Maino, L Bonini, G Dallagiovanna, S Seno
Journal of Maps 11 (1), 157-167, 2015
High‐temperature strain localization and the nucleation of Oceanic Core Complexes (16.5 º N, Mid‐Atlantic Ridge)
L Casini, M Maino, A Sanfilippo, B Ildefonse, JB Henry Dick
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, e2021JB022215, 2021
Local variations of metamorphic record from compositionally heterogeneous rocks (Cima di Gagnone, Central Alps): Inferences on exhumation processes of (U) HP–HT rocks
S Corvò, M Maino, A Langone, FL Schenker, S Piazolo, L Casini, S Seno
Lithos 390, 106126, 2021
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