Daniel M. Reich
Daniel M. Reich
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Monotonically convergent optimization in quantum control using Krotov's method
DM Reich, M Ndong, CP Koch
The Journal of chemical physics 136 (10), 104103, 2012
Exploiting non-Markovianity for quantum control
DM Reich, N Katz, CP Koch
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-7, 2015
Illuminating molecular symmetries with bicircular high-order-harmonic generation
DM Reich, LB Madsen
Physical review letters 117 (13), 133902, 2016
Optimal quantum control of Bose-Einstein condensates in magnetic microtraps: Comparison of gradient-ascent-pulse-engineering and Krotov optimization schemes
G Jäger, DM Reich, MH Goerz, CP Koch, U Hohenester
Physical Review A 90 (3), 033628, 2014
Optimizing entangling quantum gates for physical systems
MM Müller, DM Reich, M Murphy, H Yuan, J Vala, KB Whaley, T Calarco, ...
Physical Review A 84 (4), 042315, 2011
Steering the optimization pathway in the control landscape using constraints
JP Palao, DM Reich, CP Koch
Physical Review A 88 (5), 053409, 2013
Rotating-frame perspective on high-order-harmonic generation of circularly polarized light
DM Reich, LB Madsen
Physical Review A 93 (4), 043411, 2016
Optimal control theory for a unitary operation under dissipative evolution
MH Goerz, DM Reich, CP Koch
New Journal of Physics 16 (5), 055012, 2014
Optimizing for an arbitrary perfect entangler. I. Functionals
P Watts, J Vala, MM Müller, T Calarco, KB Whaley, DM Reich, MH Goerz, ...
Physical Review A 91 (6), 062306, 2015
Optimizing for an arbitrary perfect entangler. II. Application
MH Goerz, G Gualdi, DM Reich, CP Koch, F Motzoi, KB Whaley, J Vala, ...
Physical Review A 91 (6), 062307, 2015
Cooling molecular vibrations with shaped laser pulses: optimal control theory exploiting the timescale separation between coherent excitation and spontaneous emission
DM Reich, CP Koch
New Journal of Physics 15 (12), 125028, 2013
Femtosecond two-photon photoassociation of hot magnesium atoms: A quantum dynamical study using thermal random phase wavefunctions
S Amaran, R Kosloff, M Tomza, W Skomorowski, F Pawłowski, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 139 (16), 164124, 2013
Krotov: A Python implementation of Krotov's method for quantum optimal control
MH Goerz, D Basilewitsch, F Gago-Encinas, MG Krauss, KP Horn, ...
SciPost physics 7, 2019
Optimal control under spectral constraints: enforcing multi-photon absorption pathways
DM Reich, JP Palao, CP Koch
Journal of Modern Optics 61 (10), 822-827, 2014
Optimal strategies for estimating the average fidelity of quantum gates
DM Reich, G Gualdi, CP Koch
Physical review letters 111 (20), 200401, 2013
Arbitrary-quantum-state preparation of a harmonic oscillator via optimal control
K Rojan, DM Reich, I Dotsenko, JM Raimond, CP Koch, G Morigi
Physical Review A 90 (2), 023824, 2014
Minimum number of input states required for quantum gate characterization
DM Reich, G Gualdi, CP Koch
Physical Review A 88 (4), 042309, 2013
Fast and accurate circularization of a Rydberg atom
S Patsch, DM Reich, JM Raimond, M Brune, S Gleyzes, CP Koch
Physical Review A 97 (5), 053418, 2018
Determining the nature of quantum resonances by probing elastic and reactive scattering in cold collisions
P Paliwal, N Deb, DM Reich, A van der Avoird, CP Koch, E Narevicius
Nature Chemistry 13 (1), 94-98, 2021
Hybrid benchmarking of arbitrary quantum gates
T Chasseur, DM Reich, CP Koch, FK Wilhelm
Physical Review A 95 (6), 062335, 2017
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