Rosy Oh
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Cytowane przez
Bonus-Malus premiums under the dependent frequency-severity modeling
R Oh, P Shi, JY Ahn
Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 2020 (3), 172-195, 2020
Impact of fine particulate matter on visibility at Incheon International Airport, South Korea
WS Won, R Oh, W Lee, KY Kim, S Ku, PC Su, YJ Yoon
Aerosol and Air Quality Research 20 (5), 1048-1061, 2020
On copula-based collective risk models: from elliptical copulas to vine copulas
R Oh, JY Ahn, W Lee
Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 2021 (1), 1-33, 2021
A review on Poisson, Cox, Hawkes, shot-noise Poisson and dynamic contagion process and their compound processes
J Jang, R Oh
Annals of Actuarial Science 15 (3), 623-644, 2021
Hygroscopic properties of particulate matter and effects of their interactions with weather on visibility
WS Won, R Oh, W Lee, S Ku, PC Su, YJ Yoon
Scientific reports 11 (1), 16401, 2021
A copula transformation in multivariate mixed discrete-continuous models
JY Ahn, S Fuchs, R Oh
Fuzzy Sets and Systems 415, 54-75, 2021
Bayesian analysis of multivariate crash counts using copulas
ES Park, R Oh, JY Ahn, MS Oh
Accident Analysis & Prevention 149, 105431, 2021
Bayesian credibility under a bivariate prior on the frequency and the severity of claims
ECK Cheung, W Ni, R Oh, JK Woo
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 100, 274-295, 2021
A multi-year microlevel collective risk model
R Oh, H Jeong, JY Ahn, EA Valdez
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 100, 309-328, 2021
Causes of adolescent game addiction and the mediating effect of game motives
HJ Kim, R Oh, E Huh
Journal of Korea Game Society 19 (2), 5-22, 2019
An interactive online app for predicting diabetes via machine learning from environment-polluting chemical exposure data
R Oh, HK Lee, YK Pak, MS Oh
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (10), 5800, 2022
Similarity search on wafer bin map through nonparametric and hierarchical clustering
JH Lee, IC Moon, R Oh
IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing 34 (4), 464-474, 2021
Predictive risk analysis using a collective risk model: Choosing between past frequency and aggregate severity information
R Oh, Y Lee, D Zhu, JY Ahn
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 96, 127-139, 2021
Designing a Bonus-Malus system reflecting the claim size under the dependent frequency–severity model
R Oh, JHT Kim, JY Ahn
Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences 36 (4), 963-987, 2022
Market microstructure noise and optimal sampling frequencies for the realized variances of stock prices of four leading Korean companies
R Oh, DW Shin
The Korean Journal of Applied Statistics 25 (1), 15-27, 2012
Bayesian analysis of financial volatilities addressing long-memory, conditional heteroscedasticity and skewed error distribution
R Oh, DW Shin, MS Oh
Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods 24 (5), 507-518, 2017
On copula-based collective risk models
R Oh, JY Ahn, W Lee
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.03604, 2019
Double-counting problem of the bonus–malus system
R Oh, KS Lee, SC Park, JY Ahn
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 93, 141-155, 2020
A bivariate compound dynamic contagion process for cyber insurance
J Jang, R Oh
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.04758, 2020
Enhancing reliability of particulate matter sensing by multivariate Tobit model using weather and air quality data
WS Won, J Noh, R Oh, W Lee, JW Lee, E Park, PC Su, YJ Yoon
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