Xiao-Jing Lu
Xiao-Jing Lu
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Cytowane przez
Fast and robust population transfer in two-level quantum systems with dephasing noise and/or systematic frequency errors
XJ Lu, X Chen, A Ruschhaupt, D Alonso, S Guerin, JG Muga
Physical Review A 88 (3), 033406, 2013
Electronic analogy of the Goos–Hänchen effect: a review
X Chen, XJ Lu, Y Ban, CF Li
Journal of Optics 15 (3), 033001, 2013
Fast shuttling of a trapped ion in the presence of noise
XJ Lu, JG Muga, X Chen, UG Poschinger, F Schmidt-Kaler, A Ruschhaupt
Physical Review A 89 (6), 063414, 2014
Controllable Goos-Hänchen shifts and spin beam splitter for ballistic electrons in a parabolic quantum well under a uniform magnetic field
X Chen, XJ Lu, Y Wang, CF Li
Physical Review B 83 (19), 195409, 2011
Nonleaky and accelerated population transfer in a transmon qutrit
XJ Lu, M Li, ZY Zhao, CL Zhang, HP Han, ZB Feng, YQ Zhou
Physical Review A 96 (2), 023843, 2017
Speeding up adiabatic population transfer in a Josephson qutrit via counter-diabatic driving
ZB Feng, XJ Lu, M Li, RY Yan, YQ Zhou
New Journal of Physics 19 (12), 123023, 2017
Giant negative and positive lateral shifts in graphene superlattices
X Chen, PL Zhao, XJ Lu
The European Physical Journal B 86 (5), 1-7, 2013
Fast transitionless expansions of Gaussian anharmonic traps for cold atoms: Bang-singular-bang control
XJ Lu, X Chen, J Alonso, JG Muga
Physical Review A 89 (2), 023627, 2014
Fast shuttling of a particle under weak spring-constant noise of the moving trap
XJ Lu, A Ruschhaupt, JG Muga
Physical Review A 97 (5), 053402, 2018
Optimal transport of two ions under slow spring-constant drifts
XJ Lu, M Palmero, A Ruschhaupt, X Chen, JG Muga
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Fast and robust population transfer with a Josephson qutrit via shortcut to adiabaticity
ZB Feng, XJ Lu, RY Yan, ZY Zhao
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-10, 2018
Energy flux and Goos–Hänchen shift in frustrated total internal reflection
X Chen, XJ Lu, PL Zhao, QB Zhu
Optics letters 37 (9), 1526-1528, 2012
Noise sensitivities for an atom shuttled by a moving optical lattice via shortcuts to adiabaticity
XJ Lu, A Ruschhaupt, S Martínez-Garaot, JG Muga
Entropy 22 (3), 262, 2020
Error-insensitive population transfer in a qutrit by invariant-based shortcuts with optimized drivings
XJ Lu, ZB Feng
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 127 (6), 64001, 2019
Fast generations of entangled states between a transmon qubit and microwave photons via shortcuts to adiabaticity
RY Yan, ZB Feng, CL Zhang, M Li, XJ Lu, YQ Zhou
Laser Physics Letters 15 (11), 115205, 2018
Controllable and shortcut-based population transfers with a composite system of a nitrogen-vacancy electron spin and microwave photons
ZY Zhao, ZB Feng, M Li, XJ Lu, RY Yan
Quantum Information Processing 20 (2), 1-14, 2021
Optimal controls of invariant-based population transfer in a superconducting qutrit
ZB Feng, XJ Lu
Quantum Information Processing 19 (3), 1-16, 2020
Fast-generating entanglement state between a transmon qubit and cavity photons via resonant driving
ZL Shao, RY Yan, ZB Feng, XJ Lu, ZY Zhao
Laser Physics 29 (11), 115202, 2019
Non-leaky population transfer in a transmon artificial atom
RY Yan, M Li, ZY Zhao, XJ Lu, ZB Feng
Laser Physics Letters 15 (1), 015210, 2017
Shortcut to Adiabatic Two-qubit State Swap in a Superconducting Circuit QED via Effective Drivings
M Li, XP Dong, RY Yan, XJ Lu, ZY Zhao, ZB Feng
International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 1-12, 2021
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