Søren Ulstrup
Søren Ulstrup
Associate Professor, Aarhus University, DK
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Direct view of hot carrier dynamics in graphene
JC Johannsen, S Ulstrup, F Cilento, A Crepaldi, M Zacchigna, C Cacho, ...
Physical Review Letters 111 (2), 027403, 2013
Oxygen switching of the epitaxial graphene–metal interaction
R Larciprete, S Ulstrup, P Lacovig, M Dalmiglio, M Bianchi, F Mazzola, ...
ACS nano 6 (11), 9551-9558, 2012
Emergence of a Metal–Insulator Transition and High-Temperature Charge-Density Waves in VSe2 at the Monolayer Limit
G Duvjir, BK Choi, I Jang, S Ulstrup, S Kang, T Thi Ly, S Kim, YH Choi, ...
Nano letters 18 (9), 5432-5438, 2018
Van der Waals Epitaxy of Two-Dimensional MoS2–Graphene Heterostructures in Ultrahigh Vacuum
JA Miwa, M Dendzik, SS Grønborg, M Bianchi, JV Lauritsen, P Hofmann, ...
ACS nano 9 (6), 6502-6510, 2015
Electronic Structure of Epitaxial Single-Layer
JA Miwa, S Ulstrup, SG Sørensen, M Dendzik, AG Čabo, M Bianchi, ...
Physical review letters 114 (4), 046802, 2015
Observation of Ultrafast Free Carrier Dynamics in Single Layer MoS2
A Grubišić Čabo, JA Miwa, SS Grønborg, JM Riley, JC Johannsen, ...
Nano letters 15 (9), 5883-5887, 2015
Single-layer on Au(111): Band gap renormalization and substrate interaction
A Bruix, JA Miwa, N Hauptmann, D Wegner, S Ulstrup, SS Grønborg, ...
Physical Review B 93 (16), 165422, 2016
Synthesis of Epitaxial Single-Layer MoS2 on Au(111)
SS Grønborg, S Ulstrup, M Bianchi, M Dendzik, CE Sanders, JV Lauritsen, ...
Langmuir 31 (35), 9700-9706, 2015
Ultrafast Dynamics of Massive Dirac Fermions in Bilayer Graphene
S Ulstrup, JC Johannsen, F Cilento, JA Miwa, A Crepaldi, M Zacchigna, ...
Physical Review Letters 112, 257401, 2014
Giant spin-splitting and gap renormalization driven by trions in single-layer WS2/h-BN heterostructures
J Katoch, S Ulstrup, RJ Koch, S Moser, KM McCreary, S Singh, J Xu, ...
Nature Physics 14 (4), 355-359, 2018
Ultrafast band structure control of a two-dimensional heterostructure
S Ulstrup, AG Cabo, JA Miwa, JM Riley, SS Grønborg, JC Johannsen, ...
ACS nano 10 (6), 6315-6322, 2016
Tunable carrier multiplication and cooling in graphene
JC Johannsen, S Ulstrup, A Crepaldi, F Cilento, M Zacchigna, JA Miwa, ...
Nano letters 15 (1), 326-331, 2015
Effects of Defects on Band Structure and Excitons in WS2 Revealed by Nanoscale Photoemission Spectroscopy
C Kastl, RJ Koch, CT Chen, J Eichhorn, S Ulstrup, A Bostwick, C Jozwiak, ...
ACS nano 13 (2), 1284-1291, 2019
Time-and momentum-resolved photoemission studies using time-of-flight momentum microscopy at a free-electron laser
D Kutnyakhov, RP Xian, M Dendzik, M Heber, F Pressacco, SY Agustsson, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 91 (1), 2020
Electron–phonon coupling in quasi-free-standing graphene
JC Johannsen, S Ulstrup, M Bianchi, R Hatch, D Guan, F Mazzola, ...
Journal of physics: Condensed matter 25 (9), 094001, 2013
Spin and valley control of free carriers in single-layer
S Ulstrup, AG Čabo, D Biswas, JM Riley, M Dendzik, CE Sanders, ...
Physical Review B 95 (4), 041405, 2017
NaSn2As2: An Exfoliatable Layered van der Waals Zintl Phase
MQ Arguilla, J Katoch, K Krymowski, ND Cultrara, J Xu, X Xi, A Hanks, ...
ACS nano 10 (10), 9500-9508, 2016
Direct observation of minibands in a twisted graphene/WS2 bilayer
S Ulstrup, RJ Koch, S Singh, KM McCreary, BT Jonker, JT Robinson, ...
Science advances 6 (14), eaay6104, 2020
Ultrafast electron dynamics in epitaxial graphene investigated with time-and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
S Ulstrup, JC Johannsen, A Crepaldi, F Cilento, M Zacchigna, C Cacho, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 27 (16), 164206, 2015
Kinks in the σ band of graphene induced by electron-phonon coupling
F Mazzola, JW Wells, R Yakimova, S Ulstrup, JA Miwa, R Balog, ...
Physical review letters 111 (21), 216806, 2013
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