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Exceptional cryptic diversity and multiple origins of parthenogenesis in a freshwater ostracod
SNS Bode, S Adolfsson, DK Lamatsch, MJF Martins, O Schmit, ...
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S Lauterbach, A Brauer, N Andersen, DL Danielopol, P Dulski, M Huels, ...
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Environmental responses to Lateglacial climatic fluctuations recorded in the sediments of pre‐Alpine Lake Mondsee (northeastern Alps)
S Lauterbach, A Brauer, N Andersen, DL Danielopol, P Dulski, M Hüls, ...
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Climate controlled ostracod preservation in lake Ohrid (Albania, Macedonia)
S Belmecheri, T Namiotko, C Robert, U von Grafenstein, DL Danielopol
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Soft body morphology, dissection and slide-preparation of Ostracoda: a primer.
T Namiotko, DL Danielopol, A Baltanás
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Contribution to the knowledge of the freshwater Ostracoda fauna in continental Portugal, with an updated checklist of Recent and Quaternary species
MJF MARTINS, T Namiotko, MC Cabral, F Fatela, MJ Boavida
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Evolutionary and taxonomic aspects within the species group Pseudocandona eremita (Vejdovský) (Ostracoda, Candonidae)
S Iepure, T Namiotko, DL Danielopol
Ostracodology—Linking Bio-and Geosciences: Proceedings of the 15th …, 2007
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A Iglikowska, T Namiotko
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Developmental trajectories in geographically separated populations of non-marine ostracods: morphometric applications for palaeoecological studies
DL Danielopol, A Baltanás, T Namiotko, W Geiger, M Pichler, M Reina, ...
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Hydrobiologia 636, 219-232, 2009
Environmental stability and the distribution of the sexes: insights from life history experiments with the geographic parthenogen Eucypris virens (Crustacea …
M João Fernandes Martins, J Vandekerkhove, T Namiotko
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T Namiotko, DL Danielopol, C Meisch, M Gross, N Mori
Crustaceana 87 (8-9), 952-984, 2014
Extreme tolerance to environmental stress of sexual and parthenogenetic resting eggs of Eucypris virens (Crustacea, Ostracoda)
J Vandekerkhove, K Martens, G Rossetti, F MESQUITA‐JOANES, ...
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Declakes participants, 2011. Environmental responses to Lateglacial climatic fluctuations recorded in the sediments of pre-Alpine Lake Mondsee (northeastern Alps)
S Lauterbach, A Brauer, N Andersen, DL Danielopol, P Dulski, M Hüls, ...
J. Quat. Sci 26 (2), 0
Linking present environment and the segregation of reproductive modes (geographical parthenogenesis) in Eucypris virens (Crustacea: Ostracoda)
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Journal of Biogeography 40 (12), 2396-2408, 2013
On the origin and evolution of a new anchialine stygobitic Microceratina species (Crustacea, Ostracoda) from Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
T Namiotko, K Wouters, DL Danielopol, WF Humphreys
Journal of Micropalaeontology 23 (1), 49-59, 2004
Ostracod assemblages in the Frasassi Caves and adjacent sulfidic spring and Sentino River in the northeastern Apennines of Italy
DE Peterson, KL Finger, S Iepure, S Mariani, A Montanari, T Namiotko
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 75 (1), 12-27, 2013
Predation by macroinvertebrates on Heterocypris incongruens (Ostracoda) in temporary ponds: impacts and responses.
J Vandekerkhove, T Namiotko, E Hallmann, K Martens
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