Mathias S. Scheurer
Mathias S. Scheurer
Professor of Physics, University of Stuttgart
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Identifying topological order through unsupervised machine learning
JF Rodriguez-Nieva, MS Scheurer
Nature Physics 15 (8), 790-795, 2019
Triangular antiferromagnetism on the honeycomb lattice of twisted bilayer graphene
A Thomson, S Chatterjee, S Sachdev, MS Scheurer
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JX Lin, P Siriviboon, HD Scammell, S Liu, D Rhodes, K Watanabe, ...
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Unsupervised machine learning and band topology
MS Scheurer, RJ Slager
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W Wu, MS Scheurer, S Chatterjee, S Sachdev, A Georges, M Ferrero
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Topological superconductivity and unconventional pairing in oxide interfaces
MS Scheurer, J Schmalian
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Topological order in the pseudogap metal
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M Christos, S Sachdev, MS Scheurer
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (47), 29543-29554, 2020
Nonadiabatic processes in Majorana qubit systems
MS Scheurer, A Shnirman
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S Turkel, J Swann, Z Zhu, M Christos, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, ...
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Gauge theory for the cuprates near optimal doping
S Sachdev, HD Scammell, MS Scheurer, G Tarnopolsky
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C Rubio-Verdú, S Turkel, Y Song, L Klebl, R Samajdar, MS Scheurer, ...
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Thermal Hall effect in square-lattice spin liquids: A Schwinger boson mean-field study
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Pairing in graphene-based moiré superlattices
MS Scheurer, R Samajdar
arXiv preprint arXiv:1906.03258, 2019
Nodeless superconductivity in the type-II Dirac semimetal : London penetration depth and pairing-symmetry analysis
S Teknowijoyo, NH Jo, MS Scheurer, MA Tanatar, K Cho, SL Bud'ko, ...
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J He, CR Rotundu, MS Scheurer, Y He, M Hashimoto, KJ Xu, Y Wang, ...
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R Samajdar, MS Scheurer, S Chatterjee, H Guo, C Xu, S Sachdev
Nature Physics 15 (12), 1290-1294, 2019
Mechanism, time-reversal symmetry, and topology of superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric systems
MS Scheurer
Physical Review B 93 (17), 174509, 2016
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