Adam Dabrowski
Adam Dabrowski
Profesor automatyki informatyki elektroniki telekomunikacji, Politechnika Poznańska
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Zarys teorii rekreacji ruchowej
A Dąbrowski
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Influence of low resolution of images on reliability of face detection and recognition
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Multirate and multiphase switched-capacitor circuits
A Dabrowski
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Selection of parameters in iris recognition system
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Simple efficient techniques for creating effective 3D impressions from 2D original images
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Przetwarzanie sygnałów przy użyciu procesorów sygnałowych
A Dąbrowski
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Offset-compensated switched-capacitor delay circuit that is insensitive to stray capacitance and to capacitor mismatch
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Speaker recognition based on short Polish sequences
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Database of emergency telephone calls-system tools for real-time registration and metadata searching
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Prototype multimedia database system for registration of emergency situations
J Balcerek, S Drgas, A Dąbrowski, A Konieczka
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Generalized convolution as a tool for the multi-dimensional filtering tasks
P Korohoda, A Dabrowski
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Automatic people density maps generation with use of movement detection analysis
M Parzych, A Chmielewska, T Marciniak, A Dabrowski, A Chrostowska, ...
2013 6th International Conference on Human System Interactions (HSI), 26-31, 2013
Fast and accurate digital signal processing realized with GPGPU technology
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Binary depth map generation and color component hole filling for 3D effects in monitoring systems
J Balcerek, A Konieczka, A Dąbrowski, T Marciniak
Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, Arrangements, and Applications …, 2011
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