Albert Juma
Albert Juma
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Zirconium doped TiO2 thin films deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis
A Juma, IO Acik, AT Oluwabi, A Mere, V Mikli, M Danilson, M Krunks
Applied Surface Science 387, 539-545, 2016
Highly conductive and transparent Ga-doped ZnO thin films deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis
C Moditswe, CM Muiva, A Juma
Optik 127 (20), 8317-8325, 2016
Synthesis and characterization of CuO-NiO-ZnO mixed metal oxide nanocomposite
AO Juma, EAA Arbab, CM Muiva, LM Lepodise, GT Mola
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 723, 866-872, 2017
Role of chlorine in In2S3 for band alignment at nanoporous-TiO2/In2S3 interfaces
A Owino Juma, A Azarpira, A Steigert, M Pomaska, CH Fischer, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 114 (5), 053711, 2013
Copper diffusion in thin In2S3 layers investigated by Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy
AO Juma, P Pistor, S Fengler, T Dittrich, E Wendler
Thin Solid Films 520 (22), 6740-6743, 2012
Effect of solution composition on anatase to rutile transformation of sprayed TiO2 thin films
AO Juma, IO Acik, V Mikli, A Mere, M Krunks
Thin Solid Films 594, 287-292, 2015
Formation of a disorderd hetero‐junction by diffusion of CuI from CuSCN into In2S3 layers: A surface photovoltage study
A Juma, J Kavalakkatt, P Pistor, B Latzel, K Schwarzburg, T Dittrich
physica status solidi (a) 209 (4), 663-668, 2012
Synthesis and structural analysis of ZnO-NiO mixed oxide nanocomposite prepared by homogeneous precipitation
AO Juma, A Matibini
Ceramics International 43 (17), 15424-15430, 2017
Surfactant assisted chemical bath deposition based synthesis of 1-D nanostructured CuO thin films from alkaline baths
CM Muiva, AO Juma, LM Lepodise, K Maabong, D Letsholathebe
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 67, 69-74, 2017
Effect of annealing temperature on structural and optoelectronic properties of γ-CuI thin films prepared by the thermal evaporation method
C Moditswe, CM Muiva, P Luhanga, A Juma
Ceramics International 43 (6), 5121-5126, 2017
Effect of Zr doping on the structural and electrical properties of spray deposited TiO2 thin films.
AT Oluwabi, AO Juma, IO Acik, A Mere, M Krunks
Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences 67 (2), 2018
Stoichiometry and local bond configuration of In2S3: Cl thin films by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry
AO Juma
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2016
A surface photovoltage study of surface defects on Co-doped TiO2 thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis
H Wafula, A Juma, T Sakwa, R Musembi, J Simiyu
Coatings 6 (3), 30, 2016
Dielectric relaxation and conduction mechanisms in sprayed TiO2 thin films as a function of the annealing temperature
A Juma, IO Acik, A Mere, M Krunks
Applied Physics A 122 (4), 359, 2016
Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy of Mass Transport by Transformation of PbI
F Lang, A Juma, V Somsongkul, T Dittrich, M Arunchaiya
Hybird Mater 1, 52-61, 2014
Compositional analysis and optical properties of Co doped TiO2 thin films fabricated by spray pyrolysis method for dielectric and p hotocatalytic applications
HB Wafula, RJ Musembi, AO Juma, P Tonui, J Simiyu, T Sakwa, ...
Optik 128, 212-217, 2017
Role of Cl on diffusion of Cu in In2S3 layers prepared by ion layer gas reaction method
H Wafula, M Robinson, A Juma, T Sakwa, M Kitui, R Araoz, CH Fischer
Coatings 5 (1), 54-62, 2015
Formation of inorganic nanocomposites by filling TiO2 nanopores with indium and antimony sulfide precursor aerosols
A Juma, A Azarpira, CH Fischer, E Wendler, T Dittrich
Thin Solid Films 566, 19-22, 2014
Rutherford Backscattering Spectroscopy of Mass Transport by Transformation of PbI2 into CH3NH3PbI3 within np-TiO2
F Lang, A Juma, V Somsongkul, T Dittrich, M Arunchaiya
Hybrid Materials 1 (1), 2015
Meyer-Neldel rule for Cu (I) diffusion in In2S3 layers
A Juma, H Wafula, E Wendler, T Dittrich
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (5), 053703, 2014
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