Adrian J Boyce
Adrian J Boyce
Professor of Applied Geology, SUERC
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Cytowane przez
Geologic evolution of the Escondida area, northern Chile: A model for spatial and temporal localization of porphyry Cu mineralization
JP Richards, AJ Boyce, MS Pringle
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JJ Wilkinson, SL Eyre, AJ Boyce
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RR McGowan, S Roberts, AJ Boyce
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A fluid inclusion and stable isotope study at the Loulo mining district, Mali, West Africa: Implications for multifluid sources in the generation of orogenic gold deposits
DM Lawrence, PJ Treloar, AH Rankin, A Boyce, P Harbidge
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Pond-derived organic carbon driving changes in arsenic hazard found in Asian groundwaters
M Lawson, DA Polya, AJ Boyce, C Bryant, D Mondal, A Shantz, ...
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100th Anniversary Special Paper: > On Hydrothermal Convection Systems and the Emergence of Life
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Evolution and paragenetic context of low δD hydrothermal fluids from the Panasqueira W-Sn deposit, Portugal: new evidence from microthermometric, stable isotope, noble gas and …
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Genesis of sediment-hosted stratiform copper–cobalt mineralization at Luiswishi and Kamoto, Katanga Copperbelt (Democratic Republic of Congo)
HA El Desouky, P Muchez, AJ Boyce, J Schneider, JLH Cailteux, ...
Mineralium Deposita 45, 735-763, 2010
Hydrogeochemical and stable isotope data of groundwater of a multi-aquifer system: Northern Gafsa basin–Central Tunisia
N Mokadem, A Demdoum, Y Hamed, S Bouri, R Hadji, A Boyce, R Laouar, ...
Journal of African Earth Sciences 114, 174-191, 2016
Tracing organic matter composition and distribution and its role on arsenic release in shallow Cambodian groundwaters
M Lawson, DA Polya, AJ Boyce, C Bryant, CJ Ballentine
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 178, 160-177, 2016
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